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13 May 2002

Dear Classmates of 1952,

Where may our paths have crossed these past 50 years?

Most of us have moved from the community that has nurtured and helped us to grow to the point where we are today. I have not heard of any of us being Poet Lauretts, Rhodes Scholars, or President. Can we still be blamed for the mess this world is in? Probaly. Did we vote at elections, did we write letters on political motives which caused to better or worsen any situation? How about letters to the editor on local social or political themes? Enough of this, I will be interested in reading where everyone who responds has been, especially if its about family and your interest in a great fishing trip, etc..

I joined the US AirForce in 1953 with several others from the Rolfe community and ended up basic training by going to Scott AFB, Ill. There they taught me the way electronics works and how to “fix” a shorted resistor, a open capacitor or burned up transformer. It started after a years schooling then more training in Korea and after six months there I went to Formosa. There I worked on communications equipment with the chinese. While there I and others attendied a party with food and entertainment put on by Chaing Kai Sheck. Also met Brig. General Benjiman O. Davis. One of the Muskogee graduate airmen. An interesting start for an Iowa boy.

Then on Sept. 1955 on to Ellington AFB, TX for a year working on Aircraft radio equipment. It wasn’t my Air Force Specialty Code so after a year or so I was sent to Andrews AFB, Maryland to Ground Transmitters Heavy Equipment. Now I have done my four year commitment so I accepted a discharge on March 1957.

My idea was to go to Cedar Rapids Iowa and apply for work at Collins Radio Co. Good idea bad timing as driving towards Collins company I heard on the radio that the workers there were striking with a picket line. So on to Rolfe.

Back into the AF. Tours that followed were Scott AFB, ILL. , Bermuda for 3 years, Walker AFB, NM., now I find myself in the Strategic Air Command, SAC. It was here that I met Frances and married. We spent several tours at Westover AFB, Mass. We also enjoyed our 3 years in Puerto Rico. There we spent a lot of time on the ocean in our boat fishing and diving. It was great duty as was Bermuda. We next ended up at Altus AFB, OK. 40 miles from where Frances was born. We built our first cabin at lake Altus. In SAC I spent many tours overseas (TDY) temporary duty. All were in southeast Asia. Thailand, Okinawa, Guam, Phillipines. My wife of course stayed at Altus. I was on my way to Vietnam ready to go when my orders were cancelled and I returned to Altus. I retired within the month.

I worked for Southwestern Bell for 5 years and then for Centel Phone Co. in Las Vegas, NV. For 3 years. My final work was with the Associated Press in Las Vegas, untill I retired in 1995. It was a great Job working on equipment I first learned back in 1954 with communications.

With the heat in Vegas being 115 sometimes we built a cabin in Duck Creek, Utah. That was 1984 and have enjoyed it both summer and snowmobiling in the winter months.


Robert L. Thomas

We have yet to put a computer in at the cabin but the phone works. 435-682-2388..


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