Delores (Hendrickson) Pederson


Our family came to Rolfe in the summer of 1948 from Missouri.

I married Kenny Pederson on September 5, 1953. We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren:

Kenny entered the U.S. Army in May of 1954 and we moved to Augusta, GA. I worked as a pharmacist’s assistant at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In 1955 Kenny was transferred to Holloman Air Force Base in White Sands, NM where Curt was born in October of 1955.

We moved back to Rolfe in 1956 and Kenny started work as a lineman for Iowa Electric and I worked for Attorney John Brinkman, as I had in High School. After working for a while, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Craig was born in 1959. We became owners of a freight/paper route and we had that business for 19 years. During that time, Kenny graduated from Iowa Central and attended Buena Vista College. Troy was born in 1962 and Tammy in 1965.

In 1979, Kenny became the local letter carrier and eventually became postmaster at Rutland. He retired in 1998. In 1972, I started work at the Rolfe Care Center and was there 6 months when Mr. Dixon at the bank asked if I would work there - only part-time now, as I retired from full time at 62.

We have a house in Florida which Troy rents from us and we go there for a few months in the winter. A few years ago, we were lucky enough to buy the old 1930 Model A Coupe that Kenny had when we were going together in high school. We knew where it was and when it was part of an auction we bid on it but a guy from Pomeroy ended up getting it. We felt really low, so we called him a few weeks later to see if he would sell it and now it sits in our garage waiting to be restored. It still has our initials painted on the doors - rather faded - but then so are we. It needs major body work but someday we will get it ready for the road.


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