After graduating from Rolfe High School I attended Tobins Business College in Ft Dodge before going to California for 7 years where I managed a salvage yard during the years 1957 to 1964.

Back in Rolfe I started my own salvage, then worked for Beckordís Hatchery who sold out to Northern Iowa Hatchery and finally West Bend Elevator bought them out and raised broiler chickens for Campbell Soup. I worked until retirement at the Gold Star Assembly Plant in Laurens making Hydraulic Cylinders.

Since 1995 Iíve had a little store in Rolfe that sells a variety of things like crystal, glassware, toys. tools, etc.

I was married to Earla for 33 years, adopted two children, a boy David and a girl Tammy. David was killed in an auto accident in 1989.

I married Irene in 1996.


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