Class of ‘52

Jeanne ‘Flaherty’ Hetland


After graduation, I worked as a nurse’s aid in the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge. After polio got so bad I transferred to that floor where I worked from ‘52-’55. I married Ardian Hetland, went to the Florida Keys for our honeymoon and moved to a farm near Ellsworth, Iowa. We’ve been on that same farm for 48 years, are now semi-retired. We have a garden farm, growing beans and corn on 240 acres.

We have four daughters, Kelly age 40, who’s unmarried and works for McFarland Clinic in Nevada, IA. Lynet Fisher is 42, has 2 boys, and works at the school in Gilbert, IA. Michele Mabee is 45, has 1 boy, and works at 3 M in Ames. The oldest is 46; Janeen Butson has a boy who is 21. She works as a nurse at a nursing home in Hampton. After the girls were kind of on their own, I went back to work at the turkey hatchery here in town and then a plant in Jewel where I worked at processing Mink. After these places closed I went to work at a restaurant in Story City.

My hobbies are going to sales, trying new recipes and riding motorcycles. I love the out of doors, working with flowers and the rock garden and taking long walks with our dog B.W.

On our wintertime off, we go south for a couple months. We’ve been in every state but the ones on the east coast. On our 40th anniversary we went back to the Key’s. There were many changes down there as life was very simple 40 years before.


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