Marilyn (Diederich) McCartan



Fifty years have gone by! It doesn't seem possible. Remember when we were in school how old we thought those people were that returned for their fifty year reunion!

After graduation I went to work as a secretary at Fort Dodge Laboratories in Fort Dodge for a couple years. Then I moved to Pocahontas and worked at the REC office. Shortly I met a special guy just home from Korea. Gene McCartan and I were married in 1956 and established our home in Pocahontas. He took over the Standard tankwagon in 1957 and together we operated McCartan Oil Company. He drove the tankwagon and I took calls and did the book work along with a bookkeeping job for another local business. (You just knew that was what I would end up doing!)

He retired in 1993. So now he has time to fish, golf and play cards. We play golf every night until dark all summer unless we have other things to do. We play a lot of couples golf tournaments. Some rounds are good and some are awful. We just enjoy being outside in the summer. I belong to two duplicate bridge clubs which I enjoy every month.

We have one son, Michael, who lives in Dallas. He and Luan have a boy, Kyle, 12 and a girl, Kaci, 9. We have spent Christmas with Mike and his family every year since he moved to Dallas in 1984. Last year a new shopping center opened just five miles from Mike's home. I should be able to make it that far through all that traffic a few more years!

Life has been good to us. We have good health and really that is all that matters.




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