Ramon Carlson class of 1952 Rolfe High School

After Rolfe -


Went to business school in Sioux City, where I joined the Marine Corps Reserve in October 1952 was called to active duty in June 1953. Had boot camp at USMCRD in San Diego CA. Assigned to Santa Ana CA until I was released in 25 June 1955. I was married in Santa Ana, CA June 24, 1955 to Patricia Ray of Troy, Ohio so some may say out of the frying pan into the
fire. We moved back to Fort Dodge where I took a job with McClellan Five and Dime, was transferred to Ames. In January 1956, I enlisted in the US Air Force. During the next 18 years we lived in Wichita Falls TX (twice), Phoenix AZ, Denver CO (twice), Colorado Springs, CO, Okinawa, Panama City, FL and Cincinnati, OH. I retired from the Air Force March 1, 1974 in Cincinnati where I was a recruiter for the Air Force (worst job I ever had). Stayed in the Cincinnati area where I started a teaching career in 1974 and retired from teaching March 1994. I taught juniors and/or seniors in a vocational school during that period of time. The subject matter was computer operation and basic programming (BASIC, FORTRAN, and COBOL) along with the general business subjects. This was the same job I had in the Air Force working with computers. So I got to see computers grow from very large systems to the little computers of today. Haven't done much in the way of a job since then except mowed grass on a golf course for 3 years. Had bypass surgery (double) in Sept 2000. Main hobby is officiating football which I have been doing for almost 30 years, did basketball for 12 years, also tried volleyball (interfered with football), baseball (spring is not the time to stand in the mud and rain), and softball (7 games a day in July is not were I wanted to be). Other than that I enjoy doing things around the house and traveling.

Family - Pat and I live in Loveland, OH which is a suburb of Cincinnati. Since my last assignment in the Air Force, we have lived in the Cincinnati area. We have three boys Christopher born in 1961 in Panama City FL; David born in 1963 in Panama City, FL; and Kevin born in 1965 in Okinawa. We also adopted a 3-day-old girl Lisa in 1969 while stationed in Denver. Christopher is retired from the air force in 2001 and now works at the Pentagon. The plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 hit across the street from his office, he had an appointment in that section but it was delayed; the luck. Chris is married to a Pat and they have three children and live in Fredericksburg VA. Michael 14 born in Cheyenne, WY (he has the same birth date as I do), Erin 12 born in Okinawa, and Eric 4 was born in England. Chris has a BS and MBA from U. of Maryland Europe Division. David is a CWO2 in the Army stationed in Germany. David lost his wife in December of 2000 to medical problems. He worked in the same building I did in Okinawa but 21 years later. David has an ME from Norfolk State University. He is going to remarry in December of this year. Kevin is married to Dee and lives in Charlotte, NC. He has worked in the transportation industry since his four years in the air force. He has two children by his first wife Lori; Kyle 16 and Cody 11 they live in Wilmington, NC. Kevin wants to play pro golf when he turns 50, so now it is practice and more practice. Lisa was adopted in 1969 while we were stationed in Denver, CO. She had the misfortune of having more medical problems then I would ever want. She died October 14, 2001 when she was 32 plus 2 days.

My education after Rolfe has been a story of it will come if you keep at it and I did that for 12 years. I attended the U of Colorado (Denver center); the U of Colorado (Colorado Springs Center); Gulf Coast Junior College, Panama City FL; U. of Maryland (Far East Division); Midwestern University, Wichita Falls TX; Colorado State University (Lowry AFB Center); Colorado State University, Ft. Collins CO with a BE in 1970. I received a ME from the U. of Cincinnati in 1980. Also, attended Central State University, Edmond OK for two summers, and the U of Delaware for one summer.

My address is: Ramon Carlson
190 Brushwood Drive
Loveland, OH 45140-2612


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