Lowell Shimon

50th Rolfe High School Class Reunion

June 15, 2002

Well, since I got out of Miss Marcumís prison in 1952, I worked for the neighbors that spring and baled a lot of hay. In the spring of í53 I started farming on my own and still am at it. I bought my first load of feeder cattle in September of í57 and have continued to this day. We also hit quite a few dances in the Ď50ís.

In 1958 my mother said she was getting tired of washing so many shirts and cooking for me, so I started looking around for a laundress and cook. I was at the Plantation Ballroom in Whittemore on a Saturday night, and this gal came up to me and wanted to know where she could make a good investment. Well I told her to just look me over, and it went from there. We were married in September of 1960. To this union were born 4 Jacks and a pair of Queens: Steve, Cathy, Sue, Louis, Ben, and Philip.

I am farming pretty much alone, nowadays.

Here 4-5 years ago, I started to pull antique John Deere tractors on the weekends. We start in June and finish up the first week in October. That is my vacation and hobby, mostly. Since I started pulling, I have started buying Styled Gís and rebuilding them for resale.

I have kinda been looking forward to this 50th year reunion, because that is only the second 50th deal since my birthday that I have been to.

Lowell Shimon


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