Class of ‘52

Wayne Schoon

After graduation I worked at the Chevy dealership in Manson until ‘54. That year I married Mary Johnson, also from Rolfe. We had four children. Dave is 48 and has 3 children, Denny, who was killed in an accident in 2000, has 3; Darla is 44 and has 2 children. Darold is 42 and has 3, also.

I left Manson in ‘58, went to Humboldt to work for Coca Cola until ‘62. We moved to Colorado where I worked for Duffy’s (a local pop co. in Longmont) until we moved to Colorado Springs where I again worked for Coca Cola until the last of Jan. in ‘63.

After the marriage broke up I moved to the S.W. part of L.A. in California, where I again worked for Coca Cola for about 1-½ years. After that I moved to Duarte, CA to work as a mechanic for an independent for a couple years until I started to work for G.M.C. in Pasadena. I worked there for 30 years until I retired in ‘96.

I met my wife, Mary Elizabeth, known as ’Liz’ in ‘63 and in Oct of ‘65 we got married and have been married for 38 years. We have 3 children, Laurie, 36 is a caseworker for Rabiner Treatment Center in Fort Dodge. She has two children. Rick, 33 who lives in Chandler, AZ is a Youth Pastor and has 1 child. Vickie is 32, is a nurse’s aid and is going to college to be a teacher.

When I retired in ‘96, we decided to move back to Manson. In the winter I actually act like I’m retired but in the summer I mow lawns to keep busy.


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