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Project Credits

Several people have contributed to the development of this web site:

Helen D. Gunderson - Class of 1963
This web project was Helen's brainchild. She contributed a large number of photos for the photo gallery from her personal collection and scanned some older photos from Mr. Mortensen's collection.  She also supplied the complete audio gallery from her collection and solicited writers from different eras to submit essays about their memories of Rolfe High School. Helen currently lives in Gilbert, Iowa. Bio. Web site.

Randy L. Martin - Class of 1975
Helen approached Randy in the Spring of 1999 with her dream of a Rolfe High School Alumni web site. Randy liked the idea, and committed to providing the web space and the web development time for the project.  Randy is a self-employed web developer currently living in Windsor, Colorado.  web site

Wendy Bennett - Class of 1987

Wendy created many of the graphics that have been used on the site. She currently lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Chris Simonson - Class of 1979
In the fall of 2002, Chris agreed to be the editor for the memorial board section of this web site. He lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

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Financial Contributors

The following people and organizations have contributed money to help defray the costs of the domain name registration, web site setup and hosting costs.  If you would like to contribute to keeping the web site online, click here:

  • Marlene Struthers Dominick, class of 1955, in memory of our deceased classmates:  John Prehn, Shirley Peterson & Merlin (Bud) Patterson
  • Pro Coop
  • Rolfe High School Alumni Reunion Committee
  • Rolfe State Bank (Member FDIC)
  • Joyce Thornton Cox and Eldon Cox
  • Deane Gunderson
  • Clara Gunderson Hoover
  • Jim and Nancy Martin
  • William J. McIntire, class of 1936. In memory of his sister Frances McIntire Jones, class of 1934.
  • Fran Chambers Measom, class of 1946.
    In memory of her father, Earl Chambers, class of 1916.
  • Ron Montieth
  • Jerry and Sharon Rickard
  • Daryl and Marjorie Wood

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