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Anita Mae Miller Beckord of Longmont, Colorado, passed away August 3, 2010 at her Hover Village home. She was 91.

Anita was born April,16 1919 in Havelock, Iowa, to George and Sarah Buck Miller. She grew up in nearby Rolfe, Iowa, where she graduated from high school in 1936. She had one brother, Leroy.

In her senior year of high school her piano instructor entered her in the Iowa State Piano Competition in Ames, Iowa. She earned first place honors with her performance of Chopin's Polannaise. She was a gifted pianist and also played bass in her brother Leroy's 1930s swing band.

In 1939 Anita took her niece to see new-born baby chickens at a local hatchery where she met George Beckord, a young entrepreneur who had moved to Rolfe in 1939. After a brief courtship George and Anita were married in 1940 and made their home in Rolfe where they raised five children.

Over a period of 40 years, George and Anita developed their poultry business, eventually diversifying into the production of fertilized eggs for use by drug manufacturer Parke-Davis. The fertilized eggs were used for the production of flu and measles vaccines.

Anita was an active member of the Presbyterian Church in Rolfe where she played the organ and piano for over 20 years. Even while caring for her children, her elderly father, and several aunts and uncles, Anita always found time to attend local sporting events, musical performances, and church functions. When it came to the welfare of her family, she always found a way to show her support.

The Beckord family bought land near Estes Park, Colorado in 1961 and proceeded to build a small cabin during summer vacations over a period of five years. While George was the builder, Anita and their children all pitched in while living in a tent on the property. It was a very special time for the family. While the focus may have been on building foundations and walls, memories and bonds were being built with even more lasting value than bricks and sticks. With a sense of humor and a tireless work ethic, Anita did what came naturally: nurturing a family while helping her husband realize a lifelong dream of a home in the mountains.

After retiring from the egg business in 1979, George and Anita moved to their cabin in Estes Park where they lived until George’s health began to fail and they moved to their Hover Village Condo in Longmont. George died in 1996 after 56 years with his loving wife, Anita.

Anita knew how to laugh uncontrollably, count cards when it mattered most, and make an award-winning meat loaf enjoyed by all who had the good fortune of eating it. Anita prayed daily, played the piano beautifully, and loved unconditionally.

Anita is survived three sons; John of Janesville, WI., Sydney and his wife Grace of Longmont, CO., Bruce and his wife Mary Lou of Boulder, CO; a daughter Sara and her husband Steve Swails of Iowa City, IA; a daughter-in-law Jean of Seattle, WA, who was married to son Donald before his passing in 1997. Anita was also the proud grandmother of 14 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.