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2005 Reunion Band

A multi-generational band performed for the Saturday evening program at St.Paul's Lutheran Church for the 2005 RHS alumni all-class reunion.

The group accompanied a large crew of cheerleaders and the crowd for the "Rolfe Loyalty."  Later the band concluded the evening with another rousing round of the school song. The music certainly added spirit, delight, and nostalgia to the occasion.

We give a heartfelt thanks to all the musicians and their director, Marilee Kleespies. She is a Nationally Ceritfied Teacher of Music, Rolfe area piano teacher, organist, substitute teacher, and is married to Bill Kleespies, who owns and manages Bill's Food Store.


James DeWolf, son of Mike DeWolf (Rolfe alum) and Kathy DeWolf. Attended Rolfe elementary for two years, then to Pocahontas Catholic school for 5th and 6th grade. Back to Rolfe for 7th grade until school was evacuated in the spring of 2004. Presently a freshman.

Andrew Keller, son of Tony and Kim Keller. Attended Rolfe school K-2nd then Pocahontas Catholic School. Presently in 8th grade.

Christopher Keller, son of Tony and Kim Keller. Attended Pocahontas Catholic school. Presently a 6th grader.

Matt Ripperger, son of Al (alum) and Deb Ripperger. Attended Rolfe from K-6th. Presently an 8th grader.


Ben Pedersen, son of Gary and Lori Pedersen. Attended Rolfe from K-8th. Presently a sophomore.


Jeff Kerns (Rolfe alum)

Christopher Applegate, son of Terry and Trisha Hansen Applegate (both Rolfe alums). Attended Rolfe, K 6th. Presently an 8th grader.

Danny DeWolf, son of Mike and Kathy DeWolf. Attended Pocahontas Catholic school K5th grade. Presently a 6th grader.

Alto Saxaphone

Kelly DeWolf, daughter of Mike and Kathy DeWolf. Attended Pocahontas Catholic School 2nd6th grade. Presently a 8th grader.


Allie Kleespies, daughter of Bill and Marilee Kleespies. Attended Rolfe K4, Pocahontas Catholic School 56, and Rolfe Middle school 7th grade until evacuated. (Two brothers Sean and Tom graduated from Rolfe.) Presently a freshman.

Ashley Winkleblack, daughter of Jeanette and Bill Winkleblack, (Rolfe alums) attended Rolfe K4, 5th at Pocahontas Catholic, 6th grade Rolfe until building was evacuated. Presently an 8th grader.

Marilee Kleespies NCTM, married to Bill Kleespies (Bill's Food Store), area piano teacher, organist, substitute teacher, director of the reunion band. (NCTM Nationally Ceritfied Teacher of Music)


Chelsea Frederiksen, daughter of Denny and Tony Frederiksen. Attended Rolfe in 6th grade. Presently in 8th grade.

Callie Schultes, daughter of Ken and Carmella Schlutes. Attended Rolfe from K6th grade. Presently in 8th grade.


Sarah Munson, attended Rolfe K11th grade.

Gabe Munson, son of Sarah MacVey Munson and Glen Munson. Attended Rolfe K8th grade. Graduated May 2005 from PAC.

Abe Barnhardt, son of Randy and Clara Barnhardt. Attended Rolfe K3rd grade. Graduated May 2005 from PAC.

Lindsey Pedersen. Attended Rolfe K1st grade. Pocahontas Catholic School 2nd5th grade. Presently in 6th grade.

Kalib Cabell, son of Kari Buechle Boker (Rolfe alum) and Mark Boker. Attended Rolfe from K8th grade. Presently a sophomore.

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