The Joni and Mike Behrendsen Farm

Photos by Helen D. Gunderson. Click on any photo for a large view.

Mike and Joni stand in front of the ruins of their silos toward the end of the day on Saturday. It was impressive to see how well they were holding up after hours of cleaning the farmstead with the help of many family, friends, and other volunteers. Mike sustained a concussion in the tornado. Joni had a broken nose and cuts on her head and arms.
The Behrendsen home. The flag was torn, the trees were broken, the window on the family room on the right side of the photograph was broken and needed to be covered with plywood.
The livestock weighing shed and loading chute. The Behrendsen's raise cattle. About 13 of them died when debris fell on them. Mike had to shoot two of the cattle.
Repair trucks from the Iowa Lakes Electric Company are parked in the middle of what was a grove of old oak trees. The repair workers put in a new utility pole and strung a new power line.
A damaged oak tree, the ruins of two silos, and debris that is scattered across the feedlot.


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