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50th Reunion

These are a few of the pictures taken at the 50th reunion in July, 2005 at Bill and Peggy Kemna's farm in Rolfe.


Left to Right (women's maiden names): Beryl Wickre, Glenn Markley, Jerry Farlow, Elwyn Burns, Gloria Nielsen, Carl Dougherty, Marlene Struthers, Ronald Shimon, Bill Kemna, and Pat Cox.


Spouses (left to right): Peggy Kemna, Darlene Cox, Donna Shimon, Rosa Dougherty, Susan Farlow. 


Class and spouses (left to right): Beryl Wickre, Pat and Darlene Cox, Ronald and Donna Shimon, Glenn Markley, Jerry and Susan Farlow, Marlene Struthers, Elwyn Burns, Gloria Nielsen, Bill and Peggy Kemna, and Carl and Rosa Dougherty. 


Beryl Wickre, Gloria Nielsen, Jerry and Susan Farlow


Elwyn Burns and Carl Doughertry


Bill Kemna and Ronald Shimon


 Glenn Markley in front of Ben Ricklef's new tractor in Rolfe.


The remainder of these pictures were taken in Rolfe on the day of the reunion.

   Gloria Nielsen Beekman


   Harvey Applegate on the right.


Jim and Helen Shelgren on the left, Ronald Gardewine on the right.