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Rolfe Class of 1955

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As of May 2016 twelve class members have passed on: 

John Prehn, Bill Kemna, Juanita Snook, Larry Snook,  Shirley Peterson,

Donald Onnen, Merlin Patterson, Ronald Gardewine, Elwyn Burns, George Swan,

Beryl Wickre, and Larry Kerns.

John Prehn Larry Kerns Juanita Snook Bill Kemna Shirley Peterson
Harvey Applegate Gloria Nielsen Donald Onnen Larry Snook Beryl Wickre


Ronald Shimon Carolyn Schoon Jerry Farlow Marlene Struthers Ronald Gardewine


Carl Dougherty Pat Cox Gary Clark Elwyn Burns Glenn Markley


George Swan Merlin Patterson


The song which you are now listening is the Rolfe Fight Song, which was shamelessly lifted by the University of Illinois as its own and renamed the Illini Fight Song.   For shame!