"Bubbles in the Wine" was written by Deane Gunderson (RHS 1935) for The Rolfe Arrow from 1975 to1977. The Pocahontas Record-Democrat, which currently owns The Arrow, has been republishing some of the columns. 

Deane has lived in the rural Rolfe area his entire life except for his years as a student at Iowa State College and an engineer at the John Deere Company in Waterloo. He and Marion Gunderson (former director of the Rolfe library) were the honorary marshals of the Greater Rolfe Days parade in 2000. The two have been supporters of the RHS web site by donating funds to get it started and serving as reference librarians for their daughter, Helen Gunderson (editor), who has made numerous calls to them with questions about Rolfe area history.

We plan to occasionally add more more columns.

Photo 2003.

Index of posted columns.

  Bubbles in the Wine Deane's first column

  D.M.T. Revisited about dancing at the D.M.T. ballroom and D.M.T. school history

  Iowa, The Beautiful Land about cross-checking corn

  Saturday Nights that Were about the buzz of activity on Main Street in the 1920s and 30s

  Fascinating Microfilm Reading at the Public Library


  The Year 1932

  November Blizzards

  1910 Sports and Trains

  Favorite Family Uncle, Dr. Arthur H. Gunderson

  Women and Sports

  Ranney Pitches

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