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Chris Simonson Becomes RHS Obit Editor

We're happy to announce that Chris Simonson recently signed on with the Rolfe Alumni Group to be editor of the memorial section for this web site. Previously, he was great at scanning obituaries from the newspaper and other sources, then e-mailing them to us to post.

We had grown a little weary of the task and were happy to have Chris volunteer to do the job until he grows weary of it. But he's got lots of energy and insight into doing this kind of thing. He bought Front Page software (for developing web sites) and learned how to use it. Then we arranged for him to have a password and go to work. Fortunately, he is a detail person and cleaned up some of the files and links on our server.

We've heard tell that many a prestigious newspaper editor or writer began by working on the obit page. We hope eventually Chris will want to expand his involvement with this site, perhaps getting some of his RHS cronies to contribute their thoughts or to do a section on the Lutheran Church. Chris is a 1979 graduate of Rolfe and lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Feel free to contact Chris with obituary material or thank him for taking on the job of maintaining the memorial board.

Stuart Webb, formerly of Rolfe, honored

Stuart Webb, a former resident of Rolfe, was the recipient of a national award by the American Bar Association at its recent annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Stuart received the first annual Problem Solvers Award for his creation and promotion of the Collaborative Law Initiative.

Stuart, a native of Rolfe, attended school there, graduating from high school in 1949. After attending pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin and spending three years in the navy, he returned to Rolfe and operated Webb’s Drug Store with his father, Morris Webb. Following his father’s death in 1958, Stuart continued to operate the family business until 1961, when he sold the store to Harold Calligan.

He entered law school at the State University of Iowa. Upon law school graduation in 1964, Stuart and family moved to Minneapolis where he continues to be engaged in private law practice.

In 1990, Stuart conceived of the Collaborative Law approach to conflict resolution. The key to this approach is that each party to a dispute and their respective attorneys agree that they will all work for settlement and not seek resolution in court. If either party chooses later to initiate court proceedings, the collaborative lawyers must withdraw and the parties would retain new lawyers for trial. The idea is to encourage the parties and their collaborative lawyers to focus on settlement in four-way conferences rather than to get preoccupied with adversarial court proceedings.

Stuart has practiced exclusively as a collaborative lawyer since 1990. The concept has spread throughout the United States and Canada, where in addition to his family-law practice, Stuart conducts collaborative-law trainings.

(Article is from the Pocahontas Record-Democrat.)

Class of 1977 Holds Reunion

The Rolfe High School class of 1977 held its class reunion on Saturday, July 27, at the Rolfe Golf Club. Some members of the class golfed during the afternoon, while others met over dinner. Everyone enjoyed renewing old friendships, looking at high school pictures, and telling stories about their high school days.

Those class members in attendance were Curt Sindergard of Rolfe, Jane (Frerk) Schott of Pocahontas, Garry DeWall of Madrid, Kent Hovey of Adel, Lisa (Post) Lanning of Ankeny, Russ Johnson of Emmetsburg, Heidi (Holtorf) Pirte of Fairmont, Minnesota, Chris (Schoon) Miller of Kansas City, Missouri, John Winkleblack of Tilden, Nebraska, Tom Shimon of Wichita, Kansas, Mike Shimon of Palm Desert, California, Peg (Peterson) Vanderhoff of Gilmore City, Deb (Robinson) Sampson of Primghar, David Johnson of Humboldt, and Mary (Schnetter) Dahl of Rutland.

 Class of 1962 Holds Reunion

The RHS class of 1962 held its reunion on July 13th with a social hour at Garland's Restaurant in Rolfe. (That's Garland Smith of the class of '62). Then the group went to the golf club for more conversation and dinner. Joan Drieth was the key organizer and was gracious enough to invite the classes of 1961 and '63. It ended up that there was an even wider age range of guests. Sharon Wicker Rickard (class of 1960) came with her husband, Jerry Rickard, of the class of '61. On the younger side, Mike Hood (class of 1970) came with his wife, Linda Johnson, of the class of '63. And there were variations on that theme from classes throughout the 1960s.

Interesting Commentary

RHS web site editor, Helen Gunderson, also edits The Gilbert Gazette, an unofficial site she created in May for the community of Gilbert, Iowa. The town is just north of Ames and is where Helen has lived for nine years. There is a section in The Gazette called "Commentary by Others," and we thought visitors to the RHS site might be appreciate some of the material. That's why we have posted the following list and links. 

  Critical Hope: Radical Citizenship in Reactionary Times
December 17, 2001 by Robert Jensen of the Nowar Collective
On understanding the difference between critique and cynicism.

  Farming Yesterday and Today
December 1908 from The Reveille, Rolfe, Iowa
About turn-of-the-century changes in farming.

  Let 4-H Take Us Back To The Future
August 2002 by
LaVon Griffieon
About the role of 4-H in leading the state toward a more sustainable  agriculture.

  The Question Has Been Asked
Spring 2002 by Denise O'Brien
Answering the question, "Where’s the farm leadership?" 

  Urban and Rural Iowa Must Move Forward As One
April 2002 by Ed Fallon and LaVon Griffieon of 1000 Friends of Iowa
On the common destiny shared by rural and urban Iowa.

  Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
February 2002 by LaVon Griffieon
On the value of small town cafes.

RHS Alum Carries Olympic Torch

sara_b.jpg (14880 bytes)

Several weeks ago, Sara Beckord Swails (class of 1968) sent us a link to a web site that her daughter, Amanda, created about Sara's participation in the torch relay for the Winter Olympics. Many of you will recall that Sara was a standout runner for Rolfe and nearly qualified for the 1968 Olympics. In recent years, she was the women's head coach for track and cross country at the University of Iowa. She has written an essay on the RHS site about her early years as an athlete. To check out the site about her participation in this winter's torch relay, go to:

Editor's note: The geocities page about Sara is no longer available. But in 2010, Sara sent us the information that her daughter had posted on that page.

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