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Last Graduation 1990

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Last Graduation 1990
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Rolfe held its last high school commencement service with diplomas presented to a class of 14 seniors in May of 1990. The following fall, Rolfe merged with the Pocahontas schools in a whole-grade sharing program with Rolfe maintaining an elementary school and hosting the district’s middle school.


Thumbnail History of Rolfe School
Brief Overview by Helen D. Gunderson

Revisiting Rolfe High School in 1990: A 1963 Graduate Reflects on Rolfe's Last Graduation
by Helen D. Gunderson

Education Alive and Well at the Pocahontas Area Community School - Rolfe Center
by Karen DeWolf - Rolfe Faculty 1980-99

Photos of the Last Graduating Class photo link

Audio from the Last Graduation

To listen to the following sound bytes from the last graduation you will need to have the Real Audio's Real Player installed on your computer.  To download a free version of player click here

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