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January 2001
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January Forum Topic
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Winter Weather
With the snow that Iowa has been getting recently, it seems a good idea to have "winter weather" be our forum topic for the month. What stories or reflections do you have about fun in the snow, weather woes, survival tales, or other winter memories? Go to the forum page and enter your thoughts. Or if you're game to do so, send an essay.

Reigelsberger corn mailbox-snow-color.jpg (27758 bytes)
By Grant Olson, Pocahontas ninth-grader who excels in many things, including mock trial, cross-country running and video games. Grant often can be found drawing cartoons and science fiction warriors. He lives on a farm south of Pocahontas with parents Ben and Sylvia, brother Sky, dog Peggy, and cats Georgie and Cynthia. Ben graduated from Poky circa 1960. 
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Rolfe News

Click here
to go to an index of Rolfe news. In December, we added a new feature, putting articles from the Pocahontas Record-Democrat online from the year 2000. We plan to add future stories from the RD, posting them online 10 days after they are published in the paper.

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Twins and the December Forum Topic

In December, we posted the photo on the left from the 1957
RHS annual of twin sets in hopes of stimulating some forum discussion about siblings. The only person who wrote in was Clara Gunderson Hoover of the class of 1960 who guessed most of the names correctly. Sorry, no ribbons, trophies, or chocolate rewards.
The students are front row, left to right:  Norma and Norman Buechle, Joan and Joe Boeckholt, Donald and Ronald Erickson. Second row: Dennis and Dale Wagner, Rachel and Raymond Heald, Marshall and Michael Brinkman. Third row: Janet and Judy Shimon, Marilyn and Marlene Peterson, Teddy and Twila Ranger. Fourth Row: Greg and Gary Kaiser, Joel and Brian Ives.
twins_2.jpg (39310 bytes) Then Bruce Beckord, a medical doctor from the class of 1961, sent a second photo of twins, this one from the 1951 annual. Bruce noted in his physician hand-writing about how 60 percent of the twin sets were of the same gender. (Wouldn't it be nice if doctors wrote more legibly so we could know what his big word was for these twins?) Also notice the look alike outfits and poetic nature of the first names.
The students are first row, left to right: Raymond and Rachel Heald, Twila and Teddy Ranger, Brian Ives (Joel was absent), Judy and Jane Allen, Dale and Denny Wagner, Joe and Joan Boeckholt. Second Row: Gary and Greg Kaiser, Jeanne and Jeannette Flaherty, Fay and May Anderson, Marlene and Marilyn Peterson.
It would be interesting to know if any of these students have ever participated in a twin study. If so, it would be fun to hear about it on the forum page. So far, participation in the forum has been pretty much nil. However, you readers can change that by sending in your thoughts.

RHS Book of Essays is Off the Press
We've finished a book of the essays from this website. It includes editorial material not currently available online as well as photographs and some artwork by Darlene Brinkman. Order yours now or purchase one at Rolfe City Hall, Rolfe State Bank, or Mary's Bookshelf at the Pocahontas Pharmacy.  The deadline for submitting essays, to be included in the book was September 30; however,  new essays for the web site are always welcome. 

click here for information about the book
click here for a book order form
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for essay guidelines
click here to read current essays on-line

Photo Credits
Top right photo from Mary Jane Hunter Dow. Top left photo from Lulu Perigal White.
Cornstalk mailbox near snow covered field is at Reigelsberger farm, photographed by Helen Gunderson.
Red barn in winter is at former home of Velma and Verle Howard, photographed by Helen Gunderson.
All rights reserved on these photos and Grant Olson's cartoon.

Click above photographs to view larger versions.

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