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Rolfe Class of 1955



Whoa pardner!  Pull up a chair, take off your boots and stay awhile.  Y'all are welcome to the Home Page of the Rolfe High School Class of 1955. And in the remote possibility you are not familiar with Rolfe and the environs of Pocahontas County, or even the state of Iowa, take a moment and take a peek. So where is Rolfe ? Well, as we used to say back in the late Pleistocene era, it's within spittin' distance of both Nebraska and Minnesnowta; 100 miles east of the Nebraska border and 50 miles south of Minnesnowta. In 1955, Rolfe was a bustling community of 1000 residents, but like the Class of 55, many people left for what they felt were greener pastures, the net result being that today the town has shrunk to less than 500. Our Class of 1955 was small; 16 boys and 6 girls. So come with us, and we will show you a small part of what was going down (as us cooler ones used to say) in Rolfe 50 years ago.

For more information on all Rolfe alumni from the Middle Ages to the time the school closed in 1990, you can scurry on over to Rolfe Alumni. And if you are a Rolfe alumni in some class other than 1955, you can make your own website by just surfing on down to Myschoolonline, where the good folks there will do all the work for you. It's free and you don't even have to know HTML and all that silly stuff. Hmmmmmmmm, why didn't we think of that?

Hopefully, all members of the Class of 55 will eventually stumble upon this site and send an email. And for those of you from the neighboring towns of Poky, Laurens and all those other towns we stomped on every year in football, basketball, baseball, and track, we welcome your comments. HA!



We dedicate our web page to our most beloved teachers, Miss Edna Marcum and Mr. Ralph Mortensen. Miss Marcum was the high school principal in the Rolfe school system and taught American and English literature and Latin. No student who graduated between the years 1925 to 1965 will ever forget her. Her signature phrase ".... and for tomorrow" will still cause a momentarily flash of nostalgia (and sometimes panic) to every student who ever attended one of her classes. She had no equal when it came to reading a story or poem by Chaucer, Poe, or Longfellow. Mr. Mortensen was the energetic Superintendent of schools at the Rolfe school during the 1950s and was loved and/or feared by all.  


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