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Class of 1968 women. Click photo for larger view.

1968 RHS Girls Weekend Reunion
report written by Sara Beckord Swails

On June 11-13, 2010 the girls from the class of 1968 gathered for their “1968 RHS Girls Weekend Reunion” in Iowa City, IA at the home of Sara Beckord Swails. Attending the weekend celebration were Alice Rickard Gough, Brenda DeWall Dodge, Debbie Erickson Poppen, Kathleen Rickard Gentes, Linda Boeckholt Tiernan, Sandy Spencer Behrendsen, Sara Beckord Swails, and Susan Wilson Whitaker. Barb Trimble Post, Marcia Hansen Marchant, Ronda Accurso Mattey, and Sue Bintz Pederson were unable to come.

Everyone arrived mid afternoon on June 11 and we were instantly best friends again after 42 years. There was no cooking and we ate all of our meals at Iowa City restaurants. We attended the downtown Iowa City Jazz Festival Friday night after dinner at Givanni’s. On Saturday, we took a guided tour of Old Capitol, the territorial capitol of Iowa. Sara introduced the group to her favorite shops in downtown Iowa City at the Ped Mall. And she gave them a mini tour of the campus. We shopped at the Amanas and had supper at the Ox Yoke Restaurant. We talked and laughed into the wee hours of the morning every night. It was one big slumber party all weekend, just like we used to do growing up. Sandy prepared a memorial for classmate LaNell Ramsvig Sado who passed away in 2008. We kept a candle lit for her all weekend. (Written memorial reflections about LaNell will be posted soon.)

Previous to our weekend we exchanged stories of our lives since graduation in 1968. And everyone brought pictures of their families and RHS pictures. Sara plans to put all the stories and pictures on a CD for everyone.

We had so much fun that we’ve decided to do this on an annual basis. Tentative plans are to do Chicago in 2011, back to Iowa City in 2012, and then attend the 2013 Rolfe Reunion.

Comments from some of the attendees are:

From Brenda: “It was so good to get together on June 11. There were 8 of us and I felt like we immediately reconnected and picked up where we left off 42 years ago. It was great to hear what has happened in everyone's lives, to learn about their families, to see their pictures. I think about our conversations often! I look forward to our next get together.”

From Sara: “When we met on Friday, it was like we hadn’t been apart for 42 years! It was the greatest weekend and I enjoyed our conversations immensely. We laughed so hard and recalled funny stories about growing up in Rolfe. Since the weekend, we email each other often. I am so excited that we reconnected.”

From Sue: “I had such a great time and can’t wait to continue this tradition of a Rolfe Girls’ Weekend in the future. I was so tired afterwards I couldn't even take a nap. I haven't kept those hours for years!”

From Debbie: “Thank you so much for hosting the reunion—1968 Girls Gone Wild Weekend!”

From Sandy: The weekend was fabulous! Steve and Sara's home was so welcoming and the Iowa City area unique. All those years gone by had not separated us at all (and we can still stay up till 3 am). I am already looking forward to next year, especially hoping the four who couldn't make it this year are able to join us. The only thing that would have made our gathering perfect would have been for LaNell to be with us. I'm looking forward to hosting the 2013 sleepover!

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