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The following photos were taken during the 1950s. The color images are from the collection of Ralph Mortensen, RHS superintendent from 1948-1959. His original slides are housed at the Iowa State University Special Collections Department at the Parks Library. Click on photo for an enlarged view. Use your Back button to return here:

rolfe_school.JPG (54246 bytes)
Rolfe school  building
Marilyn Rickard collection

rhs_fb_1960.JPG (50513 bytes)
RHS football team, fall of 1959
Rolfe annuals

1959_hc_court.jpg (29172 bytes)
1959 homecoming court

Left to right: Mary Cox, Joyce Johnson, Karen Peters, Pam Jordan, Sharon Wickre. Crown bearer: Jill Brinkman. From the Clara Gunderson Hoover collection.

365.jpg (31863 bytes)
1958 - 59 junior class play
"The Road to the City." Left to right, back: Jackie Flaherty, Pat Calligan, Jim Schott, Delbert Lowe, Kenny Graaf, Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe. Front: Sharon Wickre, Pam Jordan, Karen Peters, Clara Gunderson.

364.jpg (35795 bytes)
1958 senior play
Left: Janis Sue Wilson. Right: Sally Ives as "Sadie Stringer."

363.jpg (25017 bytes)
1958 senior class play
"The Tangled Yarn." Left: Ivan Mortensen. Standing behind couch: Charlotte Applegate. Left on couch: Janis Sue Wilson. Right on couch: Judy Nielsen.

362.jpg (20868 bytes)
1958 senior class play
"The Tangled Yarn." Left: Judy Nielsen. Right: Charlotte Applegate.

361.jpg (24542 bytes)
1958 prom banquet
Left to right: Probably Mr. John Shoemaker (band director), Judy Nielsen, Brian Ives, Paul Johnson, Superintendent Ralph Mortensen, Jasper Schurr.

338.jpg (36653 bytes)
1958 homecoming float
"Planning a large scale victory" by senior class.

339.jpg (26244 bytes)
1957 homecoming court
Left to right: Jane Behrendsen, Marilyn Shimon, queen Grace Block, Ila Jean Gutz, Virginia Dornath, crown bearer Nancy Vainreb.

340.jpg (28677 bytes)
1957 homecoming queen
Queen Grace Block, crown bearer Nancy Vainreb, Ila Jean Gutz.

341.jpg (35894 bytes)
Spring 1958 one act play. 
Standing left to right: Joel Ives, Judy Nielsen, Gary Streit, Ivan Mortensen, Clara Gunderson. Sitting: Janis Sue Wilson.

342.jpg (35638 bytes)
1958 operetta

343.jpg (38487 bytes)
1958 first through fourth grade operetta
"The Princess Chooses a Kitty" - the kittens are from the first grade which eventually would be the class of 1969. (Editor's note: Wouldn't you rather have been one of these kittens than being one of the elementary students in long underwear dyed purple for the role of worms in the operetta "The Early Bird Gets the Worm." That chorus line included the class of 1963.)

344.jpg (33869 bytes)
1958 operetta

345.jpg (41227 bytes)
1958 operetta

346.jpg (23527 bytes)
1958 fifth and sixth grade operetta 
"Puddin' Head the First." Left to right: Robot ?, Jester: Henry Olerich. Dame Woodenshoes: Patty Jo Mortensen. Queen: Phyllis Pedersen. Puddin' Head the First: Robert Dixon.

347.jpg (53971 bytes)
1958 operetta
Left to right: Marsha Graeber and Maribelle Ives 

348.jpg (27999 bytes)
1958 operetta

349.jpg (24683 bytes)
1958 operetta

350.jpg (32317 bytes)
1958 operetta

351.jpg (34357 bytes)
1958 operetta
Page on left: Kay Lynn Taylor. Dorothea in white: Susan Lawton. Queen: Phyllis Pedersen. Puddin' Head the First: Robert Dixon, Page on right: Mary Ann Brinkman.

352.jpg (24721 bytes)
1958 operetta
Princess: Elaine Weishaar. The 
princess' white kitty: Iver Behrendsen.

353.jpg (24136 bytes)
1958 prom
In center: Judy Nielsen and Syd Beckord.

354.jpg (26075 bytes)
1958 prom
Left to right: Janice Rickard, Jean Robinson, 
Charlotte Applegate, Judy Nielsen.

355.jpg (32269 bytes)
1958 prom
Left to right: Mrs. Alice Mortensen, Judy Nielsen, 
Janice Rickard, ??, Brian Ives.

356.jpg (24745 bytes)
1958 prom banquet
Left to right: Jackie Hughes, Syd Beckord, 
Janis Lanus, Mac Nelson.

357.jpg (26167 bytes)
1958 prom banquet
The sophomore boys were always the servers. Left to right, back: Jim Schott, Pat Calligan, Marvin Dornath, Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe, Eugene Applegate, Teddy Ranger ??, Glenn Snook. Front: Bill Johnson, Gary Larson, Delbert Lowe, Junior Murray, Raymond Heald, Kenny Graaf.

358.jpg (30263 bytes)
1958 prom
Left to right: Velma Shaw, Janet Cuthbertson, Janice Lanus, Maxine Hopkins, ??

359.jpg (30783 bytes)
1958 prom
In center, left to right: Ivan Mortensen, Virginia Dornath, Joel Ives.

360.jpg (44303 bytes)
1958 prom
The junior class decorated the lunch room the weekend before the prom which was held on Monday nights. Brian or Joel Ives and Miss Marcum.

336.jpg (29920 bytes)
1957- 58 junior class play
Back row: Brian Ives, Joes Ives, Duane Seward, Larry MacVey. Front Row: LaVina Seals, Pat Dailey, Grace Block ?, Jane Behrendsen, Marilyn Eickenberry, Marilyn Shimon, Virginia Dornath, Ila Jean Gutz.

337.jpg (24574 bytes)
1957- 58 junior class play
From Left: Larry MacVey ?, Marilyn Eickenberry, Brian Ives, Jane Behrendsen, Virginia Dornath

316.jpg (29850 bytes)
1957 eight grade promotion
Middle row, close to far: Raymond Shimon, Bob Ranney, ?, Charlie Mason, Lauren Simonson, Jim Wilson (?), Jim Keeble, Jerry Rickard (?) Front row, close to far: ?, Judy Symes, Julie Bielefeldt, Judy Jordan, Rose McIntire, Jean Keeble, Wanda Seals, Rose Kresbach.

318.jpg (24671 bytes)
1957 eight grade promotion
Front row, left to right: ??, Judy Symes, Julie Bielefeldt, Rose McIntire, Jean Keeble, Wanda Seals, Rose Kresbach, M. Stacey, Linda Hughes, Glenda Hopkins. Back row, left to right: Raymond Shimon, Bob Ranney, Dennis Mehaffey (?),Charlie Mason, Lauren Simonsen, Jim Wilson, Jim Keeble, Jerry Rickard, Bruce Beckord, Jim Lanus, Steve Accurso, ? Seaman, Mike Behrendsen

317.jpg (29637 bytes)
1957 eight grade promotion
Middle row, close to far: Mike Behrendsen, ? Seaman, Steve Accurso, Jim Lanus, Bruce Beckord (?), Jerry Rickard, Jim Keeble, Jim Wilson (?), Lauren Simonsen. Front row, close to far: Glenda Hopkins (?), Linda Hughes (?), M. Stacey (?), Rose Kresbach, Jean Keeble, Rose McIntire, Judy Jordan, Julie Bielefeldt, Judy Sime, ??

319.jpg (40426 bytes)
1957 boys basketball team
Back row, left to right: Larry Stacey, John Mortensen, Ivan Mortensen, Jerry Ranger, 32 ??, Jerry MacVey, Mr. Rickard (coach), Loren Tiernan. Front: Greg Kaiser, Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe, Jim Young, Dennis Leadley, Dick Ranney.

320.jpg (27154 bytes)
1957 boys basketball team
Left to right: ?? (probably Larry Stegge), Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe, Mr. Rickard (coach), Jim Young, Ivan Mortensen, Dick Ranney

321.jpg (33967 bytes)
1957 boys basketball team
Back row, left to right: Larry Stacey, Ivan Mortensen, Loren Tiernan, Mr. Rickard (coach), Jerry Ranger, Jerry MacVey. Front: 32 ??, Greg Kaiser, Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe, Jim Young, John Mortensen, Dennis Leadley, Dick Ranney.

322.jpg (33713 bytes)
1957 boys basketball team
Sectional and county champions. Back left to right: Mr Rickard, Larry MacVey, Junior Murray, ?, ?, Dennis Thorson, Pat Calligan, Paul Johnson, Gary Streit, Raymond Heald, Jack Hughes, Mr. Nielsen. Middle: Larry Stacey, John Mortensen, Jerry Ranger, Ivan Mortensen, Larry Stegge, Loren Tiernan. Front Row: Gary "Jiggs" Wolfe, Gary Kaiser, Jim Young, Dick Ranney, Dennis Leadley, Larry MacVey.

Rolfe lost to Webster City in the finals of the district tournament. This was the night that there was a terrible blizzard. Many people had to sleep overnight in the gym. Miss Fox and helpers served food, including breakfast. Webster City players slept in people's homes.

323.jpg (23211 bytes)
1957 homecoming court
Left to right: Charlotte Applegate, Sally Ives, Queen Janice Rickard, Crown Bearer Glenda Gustafson, Janis Sue Wilson, Judy Nielsen.

324.jpg (34852 bytes)
1957 homecoming court
Back row, left to right: Janis Sue Wilson, Queen Janice Rickard, Sally Ives. Front row: Judy Nielsen, Crown Bearer Glenda Gustafson, Charlotte Applegate.

325.jpg (24458 bytes)
1957 homecoming float
"Block and tackle 'em Rams" by Future Farmers of America.

326.jpg (23754 bytes)
1957 homecoming float
"Mixing up a victory" by freshman class, first prize.

327.jpg (33645 bytes)
1957 homecoming float
"Sewing up a victory" by Future Homemakers of America. Students on float: Marlys Bartosh (left chair), Karen Peters (right chair), Probably Eileen Kirby on far right.

328.jpg (27190 bytes)
1957 homecoming float
"Argyles sock them" (the website editor's favorite float photo)

329.jpg (23243 bytes)
1957 homecoming float
"Lettuce turnip a victory" by 8th grade class with Diane Callon on left and Mary Jo Lehman on right.

330.jpg (27279 bytes)
1957 junior high boys basketball
Back row, left to right: Mr. Ploeger (coach), Gary MacVey, Don Beckord, J. Tiernan, Steve Hodoway, ? Block, Lee Kaiser, Mike Calligan, Tim Kemna, Linden Accurso. Middle Row: Charles Gunderson, Jim Wilson. Front ?, Dallas Ives, Dennis Hansen ?

331.jpg (25008 bytes)
1957 prom banquet
On left: Gary or Greg Kaiser. On right: Delrae Kemna, Dean Page, Miss Marcum. Prom was held on Monday nights in school cafeteria, in lower level of school.

332.jpg (25304 bytes)
1957 prom
Left to right: Annella Van Gorkum, John Mortensen, Karen Seward, Ivan Mortensen, Roseann Stegge, Dorothy Lieb.

333.jpg (28159 bytes)
1957 selling pop at basketball game
Left to right: Charlene Fox, Susan Johnson, Velma Shaw

334.jpg (34174 bytes)
1957 senior breakfast
The senior breakfast was served in the spring of each year at the home of Supt. Ralph Mortensen and Alice Mortensen. Gary Kaiser ? in back. In front , from left: Marlene Peterson ?, Delrae Kemna, Larry Burns, Suzanne Hughes, Larry "Spud" Pullen.

335.jpg (25576 bytes)
1957 senior breakfast
Standing: Mrs. Nicosen who taught kindergarten, first and second grade. Left: Jack Doherty (English teacher), Annella Van Gorkum, Jackie Hughes ?, Jane Shelgren, Carleen Murray ? Right: Dorothy Lanus, Rosann Stegge, Greg Kaiser ?

rolfe_twins.jpg (89640 bytes)
1957 sets of twins

303.jpg (27342 bytes)
1956 band at Algona
Drum Major: Janis Sue Wilson. Tubas: Pam and Judy Jordan.

304.jpg (49141 bytes)
1956 drum majorette
Drum Major: Janis Sue Wilson. Trombones: probably Raymond Heald and Marvin Dornath. Tuba: Judy Jordan.

305.jpg (32503 bytes)
1956 football seniors
Left to right, back row: Larry Pullen, Gary Kaiser, Greg Kaiser, Kenny Shaw. Left to right, front row: Dick Ranney and Russell Thomas (?)

306.jpg (31716 bytes)
1956 homecoming parade

308.jpg (26676 bytes)
1956 homecoming parade

307.jpg (25306 bytes)
1956 homecoming parade

309.jpg (33882 bytes)
1956 operetta

311.jpg (30697 bytes)
1956 operetta
Grade school operetta about Betsy Ross and her flag. Future class of 1963. Left to right: Mary Jo Lehman, Gloria Gustafson, ?, David Pedersen, Danny Struthers ?, Tim Ricklefs, Dennis Behrendsen.

312.jpg (27860 bytes)
1956 operetta

302.jpg (29157 bytes)
1954 homecoming court
Queen Carolyn Schoon. Attendants: Beryl Wickre and Gloria Nielsen. Crown bearer: Kay Lynn Taylor.

mortensen.jpg (37079 bytes)
Ralph Mortensen, superintendent 1948-1959
Rolfe annuals

Class of 1963, circa 1954
From the Dallas Ives collection.

100.jpg (23839 bytes)
Soda fountain at Webb's Drug Store circa 1956 Left to right: Rose and Harold Calligan, ?, Stuart Webb. From the Jane Webb collection.

webbs_1954.JPG (62167 bytes)
Soda fountain at Webb's Drug Store 1954
Left to right: Morris Webb, Harold Calligan, ?, Carrie Spiker. From the Rolfe Public Library Collection.

077.jpg (19427 bytes)
Morris Webb, pharmacist, circa 1954
From the Jane Webb collection.

katherine_barr_1952_spencer.JPG (55574 bytes)
Cathrine Barr, artist, paints in Spencer - 1952
Cathrine lived in Connecticut but each summer for several years, came to Rolfe with her two daughters to live with her mother, Myrtle Anderson. Cathrine started the Barr Art Society 
in the Rolfe area, teaching classes and inspiring many local artists. Marjorie Vaughn Hertz collection

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