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This is an experiment to see how well it works to put a Quick Time movie file on our RHS web site. Be patient while we work out the bugs.

So far, we know the clip can be seen with Quick Time movie software, but we don't know how it will work on other viewers such as Real Video.

The clip is of the last graduation at Rolfe High School held in May of 1990. The length is probably long for an effective web movie, since the file is big and may take several minutes to stream onto your screen, but again be patient. The success of this endeavor lies both in what we technically provide during production on this end, your internet connection, and the technical capacity of your computer and software.

Since this is an experiment, we are offering two choices. 

The first version is in color, slightly longer than the second, and is saved at a medium level of compression with medium quality. Click on the button in the color photo for option one.

The second version is slightly shorter in length as well as compressed more so that it will stream easier. The tradeoff is that it will lose even more in terms of quality than the first version. Don't worry if you don't see any color. It isn't there. You might want to try this one first just to see if you can get the image to come through. Click on the button in the black and white photo for option two.

And remember, there is sound on both versions.

Please email the editor to let us know if and how well the video works on your computer and if you have suggestions.

If this experiment is successful, we will probably post additional video clips. However, instead of having a large video gallery on the web all at one time, we would probably put on a video clip of the week or month to save space on our hard drive.

February 25, 2001
Helen D. Gunderson, editor

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