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RHS Alumni Web Site site editor, Helen Gunderson, published a book in 2000 that includes essays written by Rolfe alumni, faculty, and friends for the web site. The book also contains editorial material not currently on the website along with photos and some of Darlene Brinkman's artwork. 

Click here to go to the essay section. 

Helen still has a half dozen or so copies of the spiral-bound book that are available for purchase.

The book should be a valued possession even for those people who have read most of the essays on the website or printed the material and made their own folder. With a personal copy of the real book, you can get away from the computer, sit in a comfortable chair or relax on a couch and savor the written material and accompanying photos.

The book should also be a great gift for family and friends who are interested in RHS or Rolfe but who don't have access to the Internet and our website. And it should also make great reading for non-Rolfe people.

The price per book is $14.95 per plus 7% sales tax for books ordered within Iowa. If picked up at the Rolfe State Bank, there will be no shipping charge. If mailed within the continental United States, the shipping and handling charge will be $5.00 apiece. That way the price will total $21 for each book that is shipped in Iowa.

If you want to reserve a book or if you have questions or suggestions, please e-mail Helen who has contributed her time and funds to edit and produce the book and make it available on a not-for-profit basis. 

Click here for a book order form and information about where to send your check.

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