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Bill McIntire
Denver, Colorado
Rolfe High School Class of 1936

Rolfe, Iowa in the 1920's and 30's was in many ways a typical small town. Everyone knew everyone else, what they were doing, where and with whom. On the negative side, there were some who felt that this was restrictive. However, in a positive sense, characteristics such as self-control and the importance of developing social responsibility were learned. Such general familiarity also produced mutual trust and a secure feeling of being able to depend on others. Usually, doors were not locked because a neighbor might need something. Such sharing and honesty were other important basic values learned in that way of life.

Uniquely, the Rolfe community actively supported a strong educational program. This resulted not only in a solid academic system, but also emphasized music, dramatic arts and sports, thus encouraging creativity, performance and the joy of achievement. The fact that five churches thrived in a population of about 800, not including surrounding farming communities, is a strong testament to commitment and spiritual responsibility. The community of Rolfe was truly a family in every sense. I am grateful and proud.

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