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The Rendezvous
Sally (Webb) Kish and Stu Webb
Roswell, Georgia and Edina, Minnesota
Rolfe High School Classes of 1946 and 1949, respectively

Perhaps the "Rendezvous" is a little known piece of Rolfe history, but it was big in the social life or Rolfe High students for several years in the early '40's.

The Rendezvous was a teen center, originated and operated by the local teenagers. This was during the years of World War II - gas and tire rationing, etc. - we were pretty much stuck in our home town. We needed some place to congregate, to dance, to play ping pong and have fun.

In scouting the town, we found the vacant space formerly used as lodge rooms by the Knights of Pythias - known as the KP Hall. It was located on the second floor of a building on the east side of Main Street, with a long stairway from the street.

After securing permission, we set to work - cleaning, decorating and outfitting with juke box, coke machine, ping pong table, couches and chairs. As I (Sally) remember, it was heated by a stove of some sort, but we didn't need much heat after the dancing began! Parents served as chaperones, and various teens volunteers to clean up, to get the place warm and ready for fun.

How clever and sophisticated we thought we were to come up with the name "Rendezvous," and we had the name emblazoned on one wall.

The center was open most weekends and perhaps at other special times. Everyone was encouraged to participate - with "ice breakers" to get the wall-flowers on the dance floor. I (Stu) did my ping pong apprenticeship there - if you won a match you stayed on to play the next challenger. I learned how to dance there (when I could get up enough nerve to ask a girl to dance). I (Sally) remember mastering the jitterbug and have fond memories of dancing with Dad. He and Mother were excellent dancers and often chaperoned.

The Rendezvous served as a wonderful gathering place for us teenagers. Interest probably dwindled as the war ended and kids were able to seek greener pastures. The fabulous Rendezvous sign lasted far longer than the gathering place itself, but the memories linger still. Kids creating their own wholesome entertainment at it's best - the RENDEZVOUS!

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