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Memories of Rolfe High School
Charlene Fox
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Rolfe High School Home Economics teacher and FHA advisor 1955-1959

During the 1950's, there was an active chapter of the Future Homemakers of America.. Members worked in concession stands during the football and basketball seasons.

In late May, members of the chapter (approximately 20-24) rode a school bus to Clear lake where a Methodist Church camp cabin had been rented for four days. Menus were planned in advance. Chapter members, accompanied by chapter mothers and teachers, worked in groups to prepare meals and clean up after the meals.

On one trip, a severe storm knocked out the electrical power, and the backup system had not been turned on since we were the first group to occupy the camp. The girls were given the unexpected "opportunity" to learn to cope without some of the modern conveniences we have come to take for granted. Imagine - no radios, no lights, and having to carry water from the lake a half block away to flush the toilets. Some of the girls campaigned to call for the bus driver (John "Hoppy" Hopkins, the school custodian) to rescue us, but we stayed. The weather improved, electricity came on again, and all was well.

In the fall of 1957, Rolfe was to be the location of the District FHA Convention. Plans for the meeting went smoothly until the Asian flu hit Iowa. Schools in our area started closing for several days due to the high rate of absences. RHS did not close, but the attendance rate was diminished during that October. Eventually the epidemic passed and the convention was rescheduled.

In March, several chapter officers, a chapter mother, and the chapter sponsor would go to Des Moines to the State FHA Convention. While there, the girls received leadership training, attended the banquet and became acquainted with girls from across the state.

I donít know how many of the Rolfe girls have maintained contacts, but I still have contact with a state officer from those days. Perhaps these lines will trigger a memory of those experiences.

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