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Glenn Markley

810 Rhine Ct.
Frederick MD 21701-9140

It is winter once again, and it brings back memories of the past. 

It seems it never was cold enough or the weather was never bad enough that we couldn’t get on the bus for school. I stayed with my aunt and uncle on the farm south of Rolfe on a gravel road, neighbor to Harvey Applegate for most of my high school days. Dick Higgins was our bus driver. Dick drove the biggest bus back then, believe it was a 54 passenger, and in the worst weather I can never remember him running into the ditch or getting stuck. 

We could always make it to school, and it seems we would have to stay until about lunchtime, then run to the bus in the storm, hoping to stay dry and warm, but that didn’t happen. 

Once we got in the bus, it seemed like we furnished extra eyes and ears for Dick so we wouldn’t get stranded out in the open areas that were so cold and stormy. We always seemed to make it, guess it made us better Americans for having to brave the elements. 

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