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Memories of Growing Up in Rolfe
Loren Tiernan
Pocahontas, Iowa
Rolfe High School Class of 1958

I remember:

Dad telling about the Ku Klux Klan having a fire north of Rolfe and his parents and him and his sisters getting stopped by them, but they let them proceed on home.

Art Lighter had a small wood building on Main Street, and you could get a large sack of popcorn for 5 cents.

Brock's had a small restaurant where you could get a large hamburger, large bottle of pop (Pepsi) for 35 cents, which I did almost every Saturday morning after collecting from my paper route. I'd go in there to count my money to pay the bank for my customers, and if I had enough left over I'd go and eat

Did a lot of fishing and trapping in Pilot Creek. You'd bring home squirrels and rabbits, Mom would cook them, but not the muskrats nor racoons.

Always had rabbits out in the back yard and chickens to eat. Dad always had a large garden and fruit trees. He would go out to the stockyards buy a hog and slit its throat, and Mom would can it.

Howland's had a pond and a ice house, it was stored in a bam covered with sawdust and burlap sacks until someone would call for ice. Donnie Howland would bring us a block of ice to put in the ice box.

As a small boy I did a lot of lawn mowing with a mower that was not motorized - just the old reel. Same with the scoop shovel - just a strong back. Mrs. Cleal, Mrs Grant, Grabers; lawns and Wilbur Allbee and Mrs. Short's to name a few.

The library was where the Post Office is now. There were dances held upstairs. Some say Lawrence Welk played there. Don't think I ever went but my folks did.

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