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And They Called It D.M.T.
Lyle Foster

Lyle taught at D.M.T., Rolfe, and other area schools for a total of 39 years. He passed away on July 28, 2000 after a lengthy illness. Obituary.

It was a castle on the corner, 
not a kingdom by the sea. 
But everybody loved it, 
and they called it D.M.T.

They built it strong and sturdy, 
and it lasted years and years, 
its hollow halls hold memories 
of both happiness and tears.

The rooms so dark and empty 
once were full of shining faces, 
as the kids of this community 
sought to find their rightful places.

And the playground now grows up in weeds,
there's no use to cut them down, 
cause the kids don't play there anymore; 
they've moved them all to town.

Yeah, they've got this thing called "progress," 
They don't need the building anymore. 
So they took everything but the memories, 
and they shut and locked the door.

You see, they locked the memories in 
so they couldn't get away, 
and the old school will preserve them 
until some far off future day.

Some day when you'll return again, 
when you're old and bent and gray, 
you'll turn to your grand kids, 
and this is maybe what you'll say.

"it was a castle by the corner, 
not a kingdom by the sea. 
But everybody loved it, 
and they called it D.M.T."

Lyle Foster

This is dedicated to all those wonderful kids and faculty members who were a part of the Rolfe Junior High at D.M.T. from the fall of 1966 through the spring of 1969. I am a better person because I passed that way.

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