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Sharon Wickre Rickard
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rolfe High School Class of 1960

The Wickre family moved to Rolfe in 1944. My dad was "Henry at the Mill." My mom was Barbara who "ran" everywhere. My sister, Beryl, and I grew up in Rolfe where she graduated from Rolfe Consolidated School in 1955 and I in 1960.

My husband Jerry’s family owned the Rickard Hardware Store on Main Street. He too attended Rolfe Consolidated School and graduated in 1961.

We both have many fond memories of Rolfe. We want to share a few with you.

Teachers we remember Miss Marcum, Mr. Mortensen, Mrs. Nicoson, Mrs. (Jones) Schott, Mr. Grace, Miss Blewett, Miss Fox, Mr. Kloester, Coach Nielsen, and Coach Rickard.

Taking our car out to the football field at the park (on Friday afternoons) to park it under the goal posts so we could sit in the car and watch the football game that evening.

Watching the football players run past the "mill" on their way to the park to practice.

Selling Homecoming buttons and pencils with the sports’ schedules on them to the men at the "beer joints" and the farmers at the mill.

Homecoming parades with the floats that we made in "secret" places and the whole school participating. The crowning of the queen was the highlight.

The old basketball gym with the balcony. And, of course, the new "world-class gymnasium."

Proms in the old gym turned cafeteria, were decorated by the juniors, served by the sophomore guys and attended by the Rolfe juniors and seniors as guests.

Memorial Day parades to the cemetery lead by the band, in uniform no matter what the weather.

Webb’s Drug Store – the soda fountain and my favorite, the comic book back room where you could read comics for hours and never have to buy them.

MacAnich’s – the ultimate penny candy store, plus so much more.

Firkins – where I brought so many presents, for my family.

Helen’s (formerly Cora Lighter’s) across from Firkins. I don’t think it had a name back then.

The super library, especially the old one where the P.O. is now.

The Chevrolet Garage and the John Deere Dealership.

The four churches, especially St. Paul’s Lutheran that was my dad’s dream.

Girards, Haucks and Olneys grocery stores.

The Monument Shop

Beckord's Hatchery

Rickard’s Hardware

Wold’s Hardware

Greater Rolfe Days with the midway.

Wednesday night band concerts on the bandstand and the popcorn stand.

The welding shop on the corner.

Climax Grain & Feed Co.

The Lion at the Funeral Home. Wasn’t it bigger back then?

Rolfe State Bank

The barber shops with the real barber poles.

Grant’s Lumber Yard

Thompson’s Pond for ice-skating.

Howland’s Gas Station

Monk Taylor’s Gas Station

The Locker where you kept your frozen foods.

Doc Ranney, our dentist.

Doc Loxterkamp, our M.D. who would make home calls when you were very sick.

Doc Hynds, our eye doctor

Dr. Clark, O.D.

Dr. Frigaard, our chiropractor

The Liquor Store

G. Fred Smith, Insurance

Whitmore’s Bakery

Pirl Riches’ hotel and restaurant

Emma Brock’s little restaurant

Peterson’s Mens Store where each class was given a hatbox for their valentine box.

Joe Lehman’s produce store

Carl White’s jewelry store

Bob Hunter’s Appliance Store

The Ritz Theater – movies for a dime

The Rolfe Golf Course with its oiled sand greens.

D.M.T. School and the students who joined us my senior year.

These are just some of the memories we have of our hometown while we were growing up there. We’re sure you’ll recall these and many more. See you at the Rolfe Alumni Reunion in 2000.

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