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John Morgan
515 3rd Avenue North; Clear Lake, Iowa
Rolfe High School Class of 1966

It is a memory or memories. It no longer exists as we remember and possibly never did. For most of us, Rolfe continues to exist only in our minds. Some have lingered longer than others but most have moved beyond the political and social boundaries of Rolfe. While we no longer reside in Rolfe, it has provided the skeleton upon which we've built our lives. Hopefully the memories and lessons learned have enabled us to face life with greater courage and dignity.

Rolfe is/was Small Town, USA that so many eulogize. Its streets hold countless memories that are shared with others are unique to ourselves. It's where we had our first date, crashed into the creek while sledding down Feldman's Hill, borrowed watermelons, lost friends, attended the prom, ate white paste, shot rats at the town dump or drank beer on country roads. The list goes on and on. To use an old quote "it was the best of times" and the "worst of times." It was that "wonderful" place where we grew up. None of our stories are the same except that it happened in Rolfe.

What Rolfe holds strongest are the personal relationships nurtured during our stay. Few of our families continue to reside in Rolfe, but the lessons they taught and the support that was there continues within us and has made life easier. The personal memories are as limitless as our thoughts. We were surrounded by others that provided guidance or misdirection, depending on the situation or our perception of the temptation. It was the "village", so popular in today's jargon.

I return more often than most because family still lives in Rolfe. When back in Rolfe, Clinton-Garfield Cemetery is one of the places I respect most. It holds the heros, both great and minor, of our past. It reminds us that our stay is limited and that our legacy is not measured in dollars but in the human contacts during the journey called life. I am thankful for having Rolfe and its many "actors" being in "my play" and hope "your story" has been equally as enriched.


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