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My Memories of Rolfe High School
The Reverend Jim Howland
Fullerton, Nebraska
Rolfe High School Class of 1983

When I think back to the time I spent at Rolfe High, it is a period of my life that seemed to set the tone for my future. My memories center around all the activities that I had the privilege of being a part of while attending school. Involvement in many different aspects from sports to music. The opportunity to be part of so many experiences and how busy it kept me would shape the person that I would be in college and in my professional life. Today I continue to have a wide variety of interests and my calendar always seems full. These are the items that shape my memories of Rolfe High.

My involvement in the life of Rolfe High began before I was even in high school. It started with my junior high school years when I was asked to be a manager for the high school football team. Coach Runyan and Coach Roberts asked me to help with the team and I was anxious to be involved. This would start me on a path that would take me from my 8th grade year throughout my high school years and would then lead me to minor in Athletic Training while in college. Throughout all my time working with the various teams, I came to enjoy the thrill of the wins and the disappointment with the losses. I grew to understand the special physical injuries and need for rehabilitation that is unique to sports. Most of all I learned about commitment and the importance of teamwork.

It was also during my junior high years that I became involved heavily in the music and drama productions that leave lasting impressions in my mind. Events like helping with the lighting and sound for the musical, "Damn Yankees" and the Swing Show, "Another Op’ning, Another Show." Or the infamous band trip to Rapid City, SD. These were the times that I grew in my love for music and drama that would lead me to be involved in: "Our Town," "They’re Playing Our Song," "Hello Dolly," "Meet Me In St. Louis," "Babes In Arms, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Let Me Share My Music With You, "You Can’t Take It With You," and "Oklahoma." Whether it was as a performer, an actor, a singer, a technician or all the above, these all would give me a love for the performing arts that would lead me to manage a college auditorium in my college days. Who could forget the number of hours that we spent rehearsing or the time marching on the football field in order to perfect our performance. All the time would seem to be minimal however when you would hear the applause or see that trophy that we brought home from a marching band contest. These things would make you proud to be representing Rolfe High School and in addition to that the community of Rolfe as a whole.

Involvement during my years at Rolfe High would also include things like speech contest, becoming editor of the year book, and serving on the staff of The Dart. All these activities, along with those that I have already mentioned, created a set of memories and experiences that would impact me even today. A trip to Mexico with our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Rose Davis would teach me about life that was quite different than what I experienced in a small Iowa town. Encouragement by Mrs. Elizabeth Knoll to stand in front of groups and share a message would shape the skills that would allow me today to be a preacher. Gaining a love for history and government from Mr. Dick Gruber, would lead me to major in Social Science while in college. These would be the influences that I had while attending Rolfe High School. Influences that make me proud of who I am and where I got my start.

As a parent now, I hope that my children will be able to have the richness of opportunities like I did while in Rolfe. Eager as I may have been to leave the confines of a small, rural community, I have come to cherish my time at Rolfe High School and the experiences that I have. Few people can say that they have done as many things as was afforded me during my secondary education years. Thank you to the teachers, the faculty and the staff that laid the groundwork for me to become who I am today. Thank you to good old Rolfe High.

We’re loyal to you old Rolfe High.
You’re old gold and red, old Rolfe High.
We’ll back to stand against the best in the land
for we know you can stand old Rolfe High.
So come on a score old Rolfe High.
A few touchdowns more old Rolfe High.
Our team is our fame protector,
on boys for we expect a victory from you
Old Rolfe High!

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