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Karen DeWolf
Rolfe educator, who taught high school and middle school special education from the early 1980s until she retired in 2000. Karen is married to Jack DeWolf (RHS 1956), and they live on a farm southwest of Rolfe. She wrote this article in 1999.

There is an old saying, "Time flies when you are having fun." That seems to be what has happened since we reorganized with Pocahontas and now have a middle school located in Rolfe. I hardly remember the transition!

Those of us who remained on staff at the middle school find we have an energetic, interesting, ever-changing group of students in our programs. We strive for a "true" middle school environment where we look for the studentís strengths and build on those strengths. Having the middle school totally separated from the high school is beneficial for this age group. They are doing their own thing! We do not have a mini-high school.

Students are encouraged to try some of the many extra activities available. Being a "star" at this level is not important. Giving everyone an opportunity to participate is the key. Who knows who the "stars" will be in high school? Students have an opportunity to participate in sports, the play, mock trial, choirs, yearbook, bands, Quiz Bowl, and Math Bee.

I spend time attending and working at the middle school activities. It is rewarding to see this age group develop and enjoy success in various areas. I look forward to watching my own grandchildren participate in activities at this level and, someday, the high school level.

Our community continues to benefit by having many school activities in Rolfe. There is a very full schedule on the calendar. The Rolfe Center gym is packed for concerts. We have a terrific music program - one of the best in the area! There is always a nice crowd for the plays, games, and other special events.

Obviously, there are many good things that have come about, occasionally reminding this teacher, that our board and constituents made a wise decision when opting to reorganize and join with Pocahontas. All the communities that make up Pocahontas Area Community Schools share the same philosophy concerning education. We all want the BEST that we can give our children, and we encourage all students to pursue their education beyond high school.

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