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2006 School Demolition
Rolfe High School had its last senior class in 1990. Then the Rolfe schools merged with the Pocahontas schools. For several years, Rolfe had an elementary program and was the site of the Pocahontas Area Community middle school. However, in the spring of 2004, bricks fell from the upper part of the south face, destabilizing the facility. The state fire marshal determined that the building should be evacuated, and the PAC board of directors decided that the three-story section of the building that had been built in 1917 should be razed. Demolition of the building began on Monday, January 23, 2006.

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Photos by Greg Kaiser
At one time, Greg (RHS 1957) was the editor of the Rolfe Arrow. The newspaper is now a small part of the Pocahontas Record-Democrat. Greg lives in Rolfe and is retired after driving trucks for the Pro Cooperative. On the day before the demolition began, he took this collection of photos of the interior of the old part of the school. He also photographed the long reach excavator when it started the process of demolition on the northwest wall of the old building.

RHS alumni web site editor, Helen Gunderson (1963), also took several photos of the demolition process. They are on a separate page.

Click on any photo for a larger view. Also, if you have commentary, reminiscences, or other written material that you would like to post in relation to these images or memories that they evoke, please contact Helen.


Go to demolition photos by RHS alumni website editor, Helen Gunderson.

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