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Bill Winkleblack of RBI at Pocahontas school board hearing.

Rolfe Alumni Scholarships for 2006 Awarded
Krista Winkleblack, daughter of Bill and Jeanette Winkleblack and Jacob Brinkman, son of Robert and Joanne Brinkman, were awarded a $300 Rolfe Alumni Scholarship on Tuesday, May 16, 2006 during the PAC Awards Night. The Rolfe Alumni Scholarship was established at the 2005 Rolfe All-School Reunion with donations from Rolfe alumni. Photo credit: De Sindegard (Click the picture for a larger picture.)
The board of directors of the Pocahontas Area Community School District held a hearing on February 13 regarding the Rolfe gym, other buildings in the east wing of the school, and all other school property east of the railroad tracks to the town of Rolfe. At the hearing, Bill Winkleblack (RHS 1974) represented Rolfe Betterment Incorporated. He spoke in support of a petition that Rolfe Mayor Al Kuchenreuther (RHS 1974) had presented earlier in the hearing, requesting that the school district give the property to the town of Rolfe. The board members at the meeting voted unanimously to accept the terms of the resolution. (click on photo for larger view)
A lot is happening regarding the fate of the gym and the rest of the the school property.

Note on April 16, 2006.

We apologize, but the message board has been malfunctioning. You can read messages that have already been posted, but new messages don't work well due to gremlins in the software. We apologize for any inconvenience.

And we have posted photos taken during the week of January 23, 2006, of the demolition of the three-story section of the Rolfe school that was built in 1917.

We have also posted an archive of articles from the Pocahontas Record-Democrat about the decision to close the Rolfe school.


Rolfe City Hall
Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Closed for lunch from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm.

City Administrator/Clerk: Lana Pratt
Deputy city clerk:
Janice Lanus Young (RHS 1958)

Telephone: 712-848-3124
Address: 319 Garfield; Rolfe, Iowa, 50581
E-mail address:

Web site:

Rolfe Betterment Incorporated

Contact person: Bill Winkleblack (RHS 1972)
(he can be reached at the Rolfe State Bank where he is the executive vice president) 
Telephone: 712-848-3480
Address: 316 Garfield; Rolfe, Iowa, 50581
E-mail address:

Rolfe Area Harvest Report
(written 10-25-2005)

The 2005 bean harvest is 99 percent completed in the Rolfe area. Many farmers had yields that averaged 50 or more bushels per acre. Rolly Svobodoa, general manager of the Pro Cooperative that serves Rolfe and several other area towns, says the 2005 crop should be slightly better than the average 2004 Pocahontas County bean yield, which was the seventh highest in the county's history with 46 bushels per acre. The state average in 2004 was 49 bushels per acre. Bean prices are stable to low this year compared to the past few years. Today's price was $5.10 per bushel.

Rolfe skyline during corn harvest. File photo shot from southwest of Rolfe by Helen Gunderson.
The 2005 corn harvest is 90 percent complete with very good yields except in acres that were too wet during the growing season. Many farmers are harvesting yields averaging 200 or more bushels per acre. Rolly projects that the 2005 yield for the area served by the Pro Cooperative should be near the levels in 2004 when Pocahontas County had its best yield ever with an average of 196 bushels per acre. That was a big jump from the previous high of an average of 168 bushels per acre in 2003.

The state average for 2004 was 181 bushels and for 2003 was 157 bushels. Corn prices are extremely low compared to the last few years. Today's price was $1.44 per bushel.

The United States Department of Agriculture has a National Agricultural Statistics Service that provides on-line data regarding yields, prices, and other information that is organized by state and county. Persons interested in learning more about what's happening in agriculture should visit the site. It's a little tricky to maneuver, but is worth a visit.

Updated and expanded Retrospectively Rolfe calendar
Helen Gunderson has updated and expanded a calendar that she calls "Retrospectively Rolfe." The calendar consists of black and white photographs of RHS and Rolfe scenes from throughout the last century. Helen had published a small run of the original version for use in 2004. The new version covers 30 months, beginning in August of this year. It should be off the press in time for sales and other distribution at Greater Rolfe Days and the all-class school reunion. more
Barn postcards and E-postcards
Helen Gunderson has produced a beautiful, high-quality postcard with six scenes of Iowa barns. Four of the photographs were taken between Rolfe and Pocahontas. The card recognizes 2005 as being the "Year of the Barn and Family Farm" as proclaimed by Iowa Governor Tom Vilsak. Eventually, the cards will be available for sale in Rolfe. To view the card and for more information about it, visit the Gunder-friend Productions web site.

Helen has also established an E-Postcard feature on the Gunder-friend site. Visitors may select one of her photographs, write a message, and send an cyber postcard to friends. There will soon be a similar e-postcard system on this web site, and visitors will be able to send postcards with Rolfe images. Randy Martin (RHS 1975) is the service administrator for both the Gunder-friend and RHS sites, and his son Jonathan, a recent college graduate, has been programming the e-postcard systems.

We're hungry for Rolfe news
If you have Rolfe news that you think we should post, please pass along the information or at least a lead and the name of a contact person. Remember, though, we are not a full service news bureau and our priority interest is in those stories that would be of interest, not only to residents of the Rolfe area, but to Rolfe expatriates as well.
2004 News Index

We made a separate page for news from 2004.

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Submitting Info

If you have information you would like posted on this page, please e-mail the RHS web site the who, what, when, and where of the announcement or story. This page is an experiment. Submitted items should be consistent with the terms of service of this website. You may also e-mail the Pocahontas Record-Democrat.
Painting at top of page by the late Darlene Brinkman, former mayor of Rolfe.

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