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February 13, 2011
  • Outdoor gardening is not that far away. If you are a gardener, you might like to check out a site where you can determine the last frost date for this spring and first freeze date for next fall, then visit an interactive gardening timetable for starting seeds. Of course, you could turn to wise neighbors in your community who could give you even better advice. And you might be able to find a neighbor or greenhouse business that would be willing to use seed that you choose and start some indoors for you.
February 12, 2011 — Editor's corner by Helen Gunderson
The imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day gets some people thinking of the color red, yummy-but-not-so-healthy desserts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, candlelight dinners, cupids on Hallmark cards, and romance between two people of the opposite sex.
This past week, not thinking of V-Day at the time, I cooked my first batch of beet borscht for 2011. It’s a great winter menu item, warm and hearty with a jewel red color. So why not think of it as a V-Day treat. BTW, for all you folks who turn up your noses at the thought of vegetables, especially the likes of beets, the borscht actually tastes great. Maybe some day, I will write the story of how I learned to like beets in the 1970s. Prior to some friends farming the garden in my back yard in Fargo and giving me fresh beets to try, I turned my nose up at beets, too. more

February 11, 2011

  • Today's edition of the Des Moines Register had a link to an interactive map showing the results of the 2010 census and the percentage increase or decrease in population for each of Iowa's 99 counties. Pocahontas County had the greatest amount of loss of any Iowa county. Its population decreased from 8,662 in 2000 to 7,310 in 2010. That's a loss of 15.6 percent. But it's not the first time the county has led the state in population decline.
  • We've posted a historical chart of changes in Pocahontas county population, number of farms, average size of farms, and land values from 1860 to 2010.
  • We've also found an interesting map of Iowa's 2010 land values and another map of the percentage change in land values from 2009 to 2010.
  • Also, this past month, the Palmer-Pomeroy and Pocahontas Area Community School Districts voted to merge. There was a story in the Register the day of the vote and a follow up story.
  • And it sounds like the Pocahontas school district is well underway with building a new high school building.

January 30, 2011

We have posted a large portion of an interview with Marjorie George Simonson, who died in December.



Marjorie George Simonson
RHS class of 1947

  section 1 (length: 13:28)
section 2 (length: 12:48)
section 3 (length: 11:05)


Interviewed at her home in Des Moines in 1996 by Helen Gunderson for Helen's documentary project about the road she grew up on southwest of Rolfe. Marjorie begins by talking about the farm where she lived in the 1940s. Four short pieces have already been part of the RHS Web site audio gallery.
January 27, 2011  

Doris Henderson, age 84, of Fort Dodge, formerly of Rolfe, passed away on Tuesday, December 28 at the Paula J. Baber Hospice Home in Fort Dodge. She was born September 19, 1926, at Plover. She was the daughter of Fred and Leta (Heathman) McKim. 

Doris graduated from Plover High School. On November 14, 1948, she married Lawrence Henderson at Plover. In 1954, they moved to Rolfe and continued farming. In 1996, they moved to Pocahontas. Lawrence passed away in 2005. In 2006, Doris moved to Fort Dodge.

Doris and Lawrence were the parents of Allen Henderson (RHS 1970) and Connie Henderson Boyd (1974). obituary


Eldridge Kipfer, age 89, passed away on December 18, 2010, at the Pocahontas Community Hospital.

He born on March 14, 1921, near Rolfe to Noah and Bertha (Birky) Kipfer. Eldridge was educated in area country schools and graduated from Rolfe High School in 1938.

He served in the Navy during World War II in the Northern Pacific then returned to the Rolfe area. On June 6, 1948, he married Bonnie Philp at the United Methodist Church. They farmed near town, and Bonnie worked along side Eldridge in the operation of the farm. They also had two sons: Paul (RHS 1971) and Todd (RHS 1973). Eldridge and Bonnie lived on the farm until 1986, when they moved into Rolfe. Eldridge retired from farming in 1992. Bonnie passed away on January 11, 2010. obituary
January 26, 2011
Marjorie L. (George) Simonson, age 80, of the Des Moines area, passed away on December 23 at Iowa Lutheran Hospital.

She was the daughter of Lyman and Arlene George who were farming in the Laurens area when she was born in 1930. Then the family farmed southwest of Rolfe, where Marjorie was a member of the RHS class of 1947. obituary


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