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2000 What's New
A chronological listing of items added to this site.

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Below is a list of items added to the site:

December 30, 2000

  • Winter weather is forum topic for January. Of course, you can still write about other subjects and you can send us ideas for topics for future months.

December 28, 2000

  • Section for Rolfe news is fleshed out with an index to and stories from the Year 2000 published by the Pocahontas Record-Democrat newspaper. Go to the bulletin board then follow the link to the index or go directly to the Rolfe news section.

  • More names added to list of RHS graduates and other Rolfe people who have died in the year 2000.

December 12, 2000

  • Go to bulletin board for first in new monthly series. This month, identify the twins in a Rolfe school photo and/or write your thoughts about siblings.

December 8, 2000

  • New essay by Bill McIntire (class of 1936) about sophomoric high school escapades.

  • New obituary and reflections in the memorial section. Of particular note is a piece by Don Beckord (class of 1962) who wrote about his impending death and had a novel and fun image of what his passing would be like.

December 4, 2000

  • New installation of the forum section. Check it out and add your thoughts.

  • The book of essays is done and being distributed. Order yours now or purchase one at Rolfe City Hall, Rolfe State Bank, or Mary's Bookstore at the Pocahontas Pharmacy.

November 28, 2000

  • Listing of deceased graduates by alphabetical
    order and by year they graduated. See the
    Memorial Board for more information.

November 27, 2000

November 10, 2000

November 8, 2000

  • Two new photos added to the year 2000 gallery and
    to the selection of Rolfe notecards that are for sale. One image is of St. Margaret's Catholic Church, the other is a scene from the Clinton-Garfield Cemetery.

November 3, 2000

September  8, 2000

August 30, 2000

August 18, 2000

  • Essay by (Mary) Leita Schultes who was an elementary student at the Rolfe Community Schools then attended the Pocahontas Area Community Schools and graduated in 1999.

  • Minor addition to Jerry Farlow's essay about Main Street life in Rolfe on Sunday mornings.

  • Photos from the the Year 2000, including images of the Greater Rolfe Days Parade and two from the RHS All-class Reunion. (Hopefully more people will submit reunion photos.)

  • The Rolfe High School Alumni Reunion Committee is added to the list of website donors.

July 13, 2000

July 6, 2000

July 5, 2000

  • Update of all-class reunion schedule, including announcement of school tours and exhibit of black and white documentary photography by Helen D. Gunderson as well as announcement about door prizes.

  • Announcement of preview edition of book of essays written by alumni, faculty, and friends for this website. Includes information about its availability for browsing during the reunion and about ordering copies of the final edition.

  • Announcement of sale of color photo notecards of Rolfe scenes by Helen D. Gunderson at special reunion day price with half the proceeds going to support the website. 

June 19, 2000

June 15, 2000

June 13, 2000

  • Announcement about great video of Superintendent Mortensen's films from the 1950's to be shown at reunion and order form for people who want to purchase copies. Also a link to Emily Anderson version of the Rolfe "Loyalty" that she created for the soundtrack of the video.

June 5, 2000

May 24, 2000

May 12, 2000

May 2, 2000

April 27, 2000

  • Updated page of reunion information, including:
    schedule and sites
    who all is welcome to attend
    link to registration form for late registrants
    notice to bring lawn chairs
    listing of places to stay and link to Iowa Travel
    listing of the reunion committee

April 26, 2000

April 25, 2000

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