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April 2001
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Class of 1951 Plans 50th Reunion

The RHS class of 1951 is holding its 50th class reunion July 14th, 2001. Currently, 26 persons have said they will attend. Others haven’t responded yet to the invitation. The planning committee is looking up addresses for teachers from the era and for students who were part of the class of 1951 even though they didn’t graduate with the class.

The reunion will convene at the Rolfe City Hall at 10 a.m. on the 14th for the Greater Rolfe Days Parade.

After the parade, the class will tour the school building, go to Eddie Wilcox’s home in Algona for the afternoon and have dinner in Algona where the committee has reserved a block of rooms at a motel. Participants are encourage to return to Rolfe for Sunday morning activities.

Nancy Martin is one of the coordinators. She’s still looking for an address for Beverly Helms. So if anyone knows how to get in touch with Beverly, please write Nancy. And if you think you belong at this reunion, that's another good reason to get in touch with the committee. 

We hope the committee and/or reunion participants will submit an article or two or more about their reunion and some photos for the web site when all the partying is over.

Nancy and Jim Martin 
33373 465th Street; Rolfe, Iowa 50581

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The following is the number of unique persons (unique URL's) that visit our site each month. We had our highest number this past month — over 100 more than last July when we held the all-class reunion. The Rolfe Alumni site has been online since the fall of 1999, so that's a history of about 17 months. Unfortunately, we didn't keep data during all that time, but the history is still interesting 

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Memorial Page

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to go to a listing of RHS graduates and other Rolfe people who who are now deceased.

Rolfe News

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to go to an index of Rolfe news from the Pocahontas Record-Democrat. We plan to post future stories 10 days after they are published in the paper.

Video Clip on Web Site

In February, we put our first video clip on the web site. It's from Rolfe's last high school graduation exercises which were held in May of 1990. As we solve the compatibility issues between our computer and video editing software and hardware and learn more about video clips and the best way to post them on the web, we will put additional ones online. However, there will probably be only one or two at any given time since video takes up a lot of room on our server's hard drive. 

As of now, our source for video clips is material filmed or taped by Superintendent Mortensen in the 1950's, George Beckord during the 1940's to 1960's, and Helen Gunderson from the 1970's to now. Let us know if you are aware of other good film or video material from RHS or the Rolfe area.

358.jpg (30263 bytes) Chat Room Rendezvous

We've had some good times at the hosted chat rooms on Saturday nights at 9 o'clock Iowa time. There's never been more than a handful of people, but it's been fun. Jerry Farlow and Helen Gunderson are usually there plus a few other folk.

A chat room is a whole different way to talk ... not very focused or indepth. It's like being in the middle of a pinball machine. In some ways, the style of conversation is a lark. Perhaps it is not everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth trying. Some of our visitors had never been to a chat room before but were able to manage quite well. Jerry has been a most gracious host. However, the first night, his mom visited using the nickname "megranny," and Jerry was frustrated not knowing the identity of the mystery guest. He thought perhaps she was some dude from Poky. Fortunately Jerry was kind and didn't boot his mom out.

It seems the best use of the chat room is to view it as a meeting room or lounge that is available for your use at any time. You can make dates with other people to meet there. For instance, you might want to hold a social hour for your class or host a memorial for a deceased classmate or loved one. You can make these arrangements on your own or let us know, and we will post an announcement for you.

RHS Book of Essays Available for Purchase

We've finished a book of the essays from this website. It includes editorial material not currently available online as well as photographs and some artwork by Darlene Brinkman. Order yours now or purchase one at Rolfe City Hall, Rolfe State Bank, or Mary's Bookshelf at the Pocahontas Pharmacy.  The deadline for submitting essays, to be included in the book was September 30; however,  new essays for the web site are always welcome. 

click here for information about the book
click here for a book order form
click here
for essay guidelines
click here to read current essays on-line

Submitting Information

If you have information you would like posted on this page, please e-mail us the who, what, when, and when of the announcement or story. Submitted items should be consistent with the terms of service of this website. We also encourage you to send ideas for our monthly theme as well as feedback about this site.

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