Deaths During Recent Years

artwork the late Darlene Brinkman, former mayor of Rolfe

The following is a list of Rolfe High School students and residents of the Rolfe area whose deaths we have recorded in recent years. If you know of deaths of other persons who should be listed, please let us know. Also, if you would like to submit an obituary or remembrance of a deceased person who was a Rolfe student or member of the Rolfe community, please feel free to do so, and we will post it

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Calligan, Patrick RHS 1960
Fisher, Mary Lehman RHS 1963
Kaiser, Greg RHS 1957
Lehman, Mildred Former Rolfe resident and business owner
Witt, Alice McKim Former Rolfe resident and business owner


Clark, Tom RHS 1951
Harrold, Marjorie Davis RHS 1945
Hansen, Lorene Kipfer RHS 1934
Marine, Joe RHS 1938
Reigelsberger, Joe (age 23) Rolfe area farmer
Reigelsberger, Norine Arnold Rolfe resident
Martin, Nancy Shelgren RHS 1951
Vaughn, June Shelgren RHS 1941
Wiegman, John Hauck RHS 1946


Rickard, Charlotte Mack Former Rolfe resident and business owner


Beckord, Anita Miller..\beckord-anita.htm RHS 1936
Burns, Darlene Former Rolfe resident
DeWall, Martin RHS 1941
DeWall, Ray RHS 1949
DeWolf, Blanche Dunn Havelock 1929
Gardewine, Blanche Witt RHS 1932
Gunderson, Deane RHS 1935
Henderson, Doris McKim Former Rolfe resident
Hulgan, Jim RHS 1970
Kipfer, Eldridge RHS 1938
Lanus, George RHS 1961
Luft, Goldie Marie Mishler RHS 1930
Lyon, Mary Former Rolfe teacher
Nelson, Mary McEwen RHS 1928
Pedersen, Karen Baade Havelock-Plover 1965
Ricklefs, Edmondeane Hodgell Rolfe area resident and farmer
Simonson, Marjorie George RHS 1948
Widstrap, Juanita "Jackie" Loraine Snook RHS 1955
Wilson, Esther Moss Former Rolfe resident and teacher


Allen, Joann Rolfe area resident
Buske, Adeline Rolfe area resident
Christianson, Arleen Rolfe area resident
DeWall, Emmet RHS 1939
Dow, Mary Jane Hunter RHS 1936
Feldman, Ruth Virginia Former Rolfe resident
Henderson, William (Bill) Grew up in Rolfe
Hertz, Majory Vaughn DMT 1930
Howard, Verle Rolfe area resident
Howland, LaVonne RHS and Rolfe resident
Jones, Melba T. operated Sunnybrook Cafe for 20 years
Loss, Jerry L. RHS 1970
Nielsen, Shirley (Shelgren) RHS 1949
Olerich, Barbara M. Rolfe resident and teacher, RHS 1934
Pederson, Kenneth Rolfe resident
Pohl, Velma Rolfe resident
Rickard, John C. RHS 1968
Smith, Garth RHS 1959
Snook, Larry Lee RHS 1955
Zeman, Geraldine Harriet Johnson Rolfe resident
Zeman, Louis Willaim RHS 1976, Pocahontas resident
Zeman, Marvin Rolfe resident


Boeckholt, Gertie Rolfe resident
Busby, Inez Markley RHS 1956
Buenting, John RHS 1963
Hanna, Mary (Melson) RHS 1930
Heathman, Donna C. Rolfe area resident, Bradgate HS graduate
Jordan, Russel "Russ" Former Rolfe area resident, former Rolfe school board president.
Keeble, James RHS graduate, West Bend resident
McVay, Floyd Rolfe resident
Neugent, Glen Rolfe resident, former manager of Iowa Electric
O'Neill, Buster Rolfe resident
Pedersen, Dorthy Lou Rolfe area resident
Pedersen, Maureen "Sam" Rolfe grade school teacher in the 1950s., Pocahontas resident.
Sernett, Monica M. Rolfe resident.
Sharp, Doris (Budolfson) RHS 1935 graduate and former resident
Smith, Frances E. Rolfe resident
Spencer, Alice (Marine) DMT 1935, former Rolfe resident
Steele, Arlene J. (Rickard) RHS 1965
Thompson, Betty Rolfe resident
Traub, Jane Marie (Shimon) RHS 1974
Williams, Althea Marie RHS 1946


Allen, Henrietta E. Rolfe resident
Allen, William F. Rolfe resident
Auten, Randall Rolfe area resident
Buck, Cheryl Rolfe area resident, RHS graduate
Cuthbertson, Burford M. (Ozzie) Rolfe area retiree
DeVaul, Franklin believed to be RHS 1952 or 1953
Diederich, M. Margueritte Rolfe area resident
Erickson, Arthur Edward Rolfe area resident
Flanigan, Mary-Isabelle Chambers RHS 1943
Gill, Eugene Rolfe resident
Halligan, Tom Rolfe area resident
Harmon, Vernon RHS 1935 and resided in Spencer, Iowa
Harms, Melvin K. RHS faculty 1948 - 1951
Hughes, Jackie W. Rolfe native
Johnson, Marian Bennett wife of William Bennett who farmed south of West Bend
Kemna, C. William Rolfe area farmer, RHS 1955
Leighton, Jo Ann RHS graduate (c. 1950), former Jo Ann Wolfe
McIlheran, Brenda Ann (Lanus) RHS 1986 and local resident
Miller, Marie Rolfe resident, DMT 1921 graduate
Nielsen, Grace Rolfe resident
Orth, Elizabeth (Betty) Rolfe / Plover area resident
Peterson, Lola Rolfe area resident, wife of Martin
Ripperger, Leonard (Tiny) DMT 1946, Rolfe area farmer
Rittgers, Jeane Rolfe area resident, church organist, music teacher at Plover, Bradgate, DMT
Roberts, Harrison E. Rolfe school bus driver, Rolfe area farmer
Robinson, Dorothy former resident, wife of Spike R. who operated a local John Deere implement dealership in Rolfe.
Saathoff, Duane Rolfe resident
Shelgren, Helen Kindergarten teacher at Rolfe, Pocahontas and 24 years at Gilmore City. Wife of Jim Shelgren, rural Gilmore City - Rolfe area.
Shoemaker, John R. RHS Faculty, Band Director 1969-1965
Smith, Edgar Norman Rolfe native and probable RHS graduate c. 1938.
Smith, Ray Rolfe area farmer, husband of Frances
Thoren, Wayne RHS graduate
Tjaden, Robert Emerson RHS 1967 graduate
Wagner, Delores rural Rolfe resident
Wood, Ruth former Ruth Dickey, RHS graduate, farmed near Gilmore City 1943 - 1968
Zeman, George Richard "Dick" Attended DMT and RHS, graduated Albert Lea, Minnesota HS in 1949
Zeman, Kenneth Rolfe resident, husband to Geraldine, DMT graduate


Behrendsen, Adeline V. Gilmore area resident, taught at Rolfe-DMT
Christensen, Alvin N. RHS School Board member
Cleal, Don RHS 1932 graduate, father of RHS graduates Joan Cleal Drieth, and Ann Cleal Bittner
Corsair, Eva M. Rolfe Elementary teacher 1955 - 1972.
DeVaul, Franklin RHS 1952
Dreith, Lydia Rolfe resident
Ham, Eldon H. Rolfe resident
Hansen, Arnold W. (Bud) RHS 1939 and Rolfe resident until 1979 retirement
Hauck, James F. RHS 1942 graduate
Hogan, David J., Rev, Served at St. Margaret's Catholic Church, Rolfe
Jensen, Constance "Connie" DMT 1929 graduate, Rolfe resident
Jensen, John A. DMT 1951, Rolfe resident
Lanning, Russell A. Rolfe resident
Pedersen, Steven RHS 1963 graduate
Ricklefs, Jason Rolfe area resident
Sernett, Robert L. (Bob) Rolfe/Pocahontas farmer
Shimon, Clara Rolfe/Pocahontas area resident
Snook, Wayne RHS 1949/1950 graduate
Spencer, Lois K. Rolfe resident
Sroufe, Garth E. RHS 1942 and local resident
Taylor, James J. RHS 1940 graduate
Williams, Beverly Snook RHS graduate
Worster, Loretta D. RHS 1936 graduate


Bierstedt, Richard "Dick" Rolfe resident and managed the Phillips 66 station
DiNatale, Doris Rolfe resident after 1990.
Dixon, R. D. (Bob) Rolfe State Bank president from 1951 to 1995
Fabens, Rachel Wiegman RHS 1941 graduate
Hansen, Evelyn M. Former Rolfe resident and mother of RHS graduates
Harris, Ivan E. (Bud) RHS 1943 graduate
Henderson, Lawrence D. Former Rolfe area resident and father to RHS graduates.
Johnson, Perry William Former Rolfe resident and member of The Foremen barbershop quartet.
Kauffman, Donald R. DMT graduate, Emmetsburg farmer
Kitchin, Mark G. Rolfe resident since 2002. Father of Sue Martin
Melson, Richard "Dick" RHS class of 1936 and resident of Muscatine, Iowa.
Mortensen, Alice Former RHS faculty and wife of Ralph Mortensen
Orwig, Mary Isabell "Isabell" former Rolfe resident
Pedersen, Robert Gene (Bob) Rolfe resident
Ricklefs, Dorothy A. Rolfe resident and teacher
Sandvig, Arnold A. RHS 1942 graduate
Schnetter, Charles "Boney" Rolfe resident and attended RHS
Shelgren, Leo E. RHS 1936 graduate
VanGorkom, Roger RHS graduate and former resident
Wagner, Lloyd L. Havelock 1934 graduate and area farmer
Whitmore, Stanley K. Rolfe resident
Wiegert, Raymond Rolfe area resident


Achorn, Sigrid (Simonson) former Rolfe resident, Plover graduate
Brinkman, Dorothy S. Rolfe resident
Gunderson, Marion Rolfe resident, librarian
Hood, Donald B. Rolfe resident, Gilmore City graduate 1941
Hughes, Jerry RHS graduate, grocer, resident
Phillips, Helen former owner of The Gift Galley
Peterson, Rev. David L. Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran, Rolfe
Pohl, Orville RHS Custodian 1966-1983
Roach, Lena RHS class of 1936 and former Rolfe faculty member
Schott, James R. RHS class of 1960
Twigg, Art Rolfe blacksmith
Weiland, Clara Rolfe resident
Wolfe, Bonnie J. Rolfe resident

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